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8 Ways to Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

Optimizing your LinkedIn Page gives your company better access to more than half a billion users. What’s more, it presents a great opportunity to build your brand as an industry leader, and can even attract top talent from across the globe.

Your LinkedIn page also showcases your company’s values and culture, which gives visitors improved insight into your goods and services. As this company’s posts show, an optimized and active company page can provide a great way to connect with other companies and employees to form networks and grow.

LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to maximize your company’s reach and impact through frequently updated engaging posts on your showcase pages, which have their own unique followers.

So now you know that LinkedIn is a valuable platform to establish your company’s brand. But how can you improve yours and take advantage of the opportunities? Below are the eight ways you can optimize your LinkedIn page.

Upload a Profile Image and Banner

A good first impression or makeover attracts more people to you. Your profile picture and banner are the first things people will see when they come to your page, they are also the first things people will look for, to get a snapshot into your company’s ideals. It’s best if you upload these as quickly as possible. Metrics show that visitors prefer companies with profile pictures and banners to those without.

Oftentimes, the best profile picture is your company logo. It becomes your LinkedIn page’s calling card and the thing visitors will remember, so make it as immersive as possible.

Your banner should reflect the current important product or event your company is currently hosting. You should change your banner often to visually notify users of any product updates and accomplishments your company has made.

A banner is also a great place to celebrate and show support to your employees.

Manage Your Showcase Pages

Engage your customers via your showcase pages. These pages are the subpages within your LinkedIn page where you can highlight your products and values. You can add images for each service to offer a more descriptive and engaging environment that will keep your customers longer, which translates to buying your goods and services.

Create a Customer-centric About Us

Your About Us section should tell visitors who you are and what you do. It should be compelling and focus on telling your customers how your products and services will improve their lives, specifically what problems they’ll solve for your customers.

You have 2000 characters to engage and share your story with your customers. Use a word processing software to write your summary, it’ll help you catch spelling and grammatical errors so you can put your best foot forward.

Keep Your Employees Center Stage

Keeping your employees center stage allows you to effectively communicate your company culture and engage customers and potential employees. It also gives visitors a snapshot into what seems like mundane activities but are extremely important for visitors who are focused on understanding who you are and how your employees are treated.

A short film interview asking employees about what they think is the best thing about the company as well as highlighting employee of the month to celebrate employee accomplishments are some of the best ways to expand your reach.

Share Engaging Content

Share content that is relevant to your company and establishes your company as a leader in the industry. Engaging content is not just about broadcasting your message; it’s about fostering a meaningful connection with your audience. By crafting content that resonates with your target market, you can effectively engage and convert customers on LinkedIn.

Make it a point to share infographics, images, videos and curated content from third-party posts that are relevant to your message. By providing valuable insights and addressing the pain points of your audience, you can establish credibility and trust, which are essential for converting LinkedIn users into customers.

Use Sponsored and Targeted Updates

When you use sponsored and targeted updates, your content is put in front of more people. Take advantage of this reach to amplify your message and drive engagement. Digital advertising on LinkedIn allows you to target specific demographics, industries, job titles, and more, ensuring that your content reaches the right audience.

Targeted updates allow you to reach common users of over 1000 people. Sponsored updates are paid posts that are boosted to have a wide reach.

Showcase Company Culture

Job seekers and customers are focused on giving their talent and money to the company with whom they align. LinkedIn career pages are an effective way to boost recruitment and showcase your values. Use high quality images, videos, articles and infographics to connect with your visitors for effective engagement.

Receive and Give Endorsements

Use your account to gather peer recommendations and it’s ok to request them. Businesses understand that a recommendation is worth gold. Encourage employees to connect with your page and write them great recommendations from your personal account. Endorsements are significantly mutually beneficial.