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4 Psychology-Related Paths to Consider

If you have always been fascinated with the human mind and behaviors, a psychology career could be the perfect path for you. During education and your career, you’ll have an opportunity to receive answers to some unknown questions about the brain, from how it performs under stress to how a mental disorder can affect its function.

What’s more, you can specialize in a specific field that taps into your interests and passions, such as health, education, sport, media, forensics, and much more. If you’re considering an education and career-related to human behavior, here are four psychology-related paths to consider.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Psychological concepts and principles can apply to any industry, which is why industrial/organizational psychology might be the perfect avenue. You’ll improve the working lives of employees while supporting a company’s performance. By using your knowledge of human behavior, you can help companies address various challenges, which could stem from the recruitment process, poor training, or ineffective communication.

After monitoring an employee or team, surveying staff, or reviewing processes, you will make recommendations for improving practices and occupational needs. If this sounds perfect, find out more about the various online psychology degree programs, such as an undergraduate degree in industrial/organizational psychology or a doctorate in organizational leadership.

Forensic Psychology

If you would like to embark on a career in criminal justice or the legal system, a forensic psychology degree and career might tick every box. Using psychological principles, you’ll support law enforcement with criminal investigations and law. 

A university education in the field will help you apply your knowledge to various criminal topics, from police interrogation and criminal profiling to insanity defenses and police officer psychology and socialization. Plus, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of various psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder concepts. No two days will be the same as a forensic psychologist.

Health Psychology

If you would like to make a positive difference to others’ lives, don’t rule out a health psychology degree and career. During a degree program, you will learn how biological, social, and psychological factors determine a person’s health. 

You’ll apply your critical thinking skills to promote healthy minds and bodies, which may improve community nutrition, smoking cessation, and eating disorders, plus more. Your goal is to educate people on common causes of an illness and teach them healthier habits to improve their wellbeing. After graduating, you could work as a health psychologist in a hospital, health care center, government agency, or a university.

Special Education

A special education degree and career will enable you to help protect and support some of the most vulnerable children in society, such as at-risk students and those with one or more learning disabilities. 

A psychology degree with a concentration in special education will allow you to apply psychological principles and concepts to help children in need of assistance at a school or in counseling settings.

Psychology offers many paths to choose from to match different interests and passions, which vary from child and adolescent psychology to human services. Research the many degrees and careers available to find a path that best fits your needs.