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3 Artistic Hobbies to Take Up

Being creative is important for the mind; painting or drawing, for example, can give your mind a break from the stresses of modern-day life. It gives you the opportunity to be original and unique, but it can also help you deal with everyday problems. Any kind of artistic subject can help anyone express themselves, as this is what encourages creativity. If you are interested in adding more creativity to your life and becoming more artistic, here are a few hobbies you will love.


Illustration is such a great aspect of art to learn. It takes a lot of practice, and having to understand scale and techniques may take time, but when your skills begin to grow, you will be so happy with the gorgeous pieces of illustration that you are making. Illustrating can include a whole number of techniques for you to try; it isn’t just a pencil and paper as some may think. It can include charcoal drawing, acrylic, watercolor, woodcutting, and the list goes on. Illustrating is such a therapeutic practice too – try taking yourself off to somewhere quiet, with no distractions and allowing yourself a few hours to illustrate.

If you enjoy illustrating, why not start to think of an artistic career in illustration? There are so many different career paths that you could explore that include illustration. If you are interested in creating a portfolio and advancing your skills in illustration and other art practices, look into online art classes via sites like visual arts passage. This can provide you with knowledge and understanding about art and give you access to some amazing resources.

Graphic Design

Graphic design holds a huge range of techniques and subjects within the subject. Graphic design isn’t just making logos; it can be advertising designs, editorial design, book design, motion design and so many more. There are a few technical programs worth learning in graphic design, one being Adobe Photoshop. They can seem confusing at first, but the more you play around with these kinds of programs, the more you will familiarize yourself with them. Graphic design is perfect for those who want to problem solve and keep their minds busy.


Photography is also quite a technical subject, but it is such an important skill to have. Being a photographer allows the person to open their minds and keep their eye out for any kind of photo opportunity. It will allow you to look at the world differently, and to notice tiny details about everyday life that you maybe wouldn’t notice before, such as how the light hits something, or an interesting texture etc. Photography can impact your life in such a beautiful way.

There are so many more art practices that you can get stuck into in your spare time, or even full time too. Art can be such a great way to relax the mind after such a long, busy day. If you are stressed, try practicing some kind of art – it can make such a great impact on your life.