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How Young Living Has Grown to Be a Worldwide Leader in Essential Oils

Young Living is widely recognized throughout the world as a leader in essential oils. The company offers a wide variety of products in many different countries, but it wasn’t always this large. When D. Gary Young and Mary Young began Young Living, it was merely a small farm and oil distillery in Utah.

The Youngs Began with a Single Organic Herb Farm

When D. Gary and Mary Young first forayed into the essential oil industry, they began with just a single organic herb farm. The year was 1993, and D. Gary had become an essential oil enthusiast. He was disappointed with the inconsistent quality and potency of what was available, though, so convinced Mary to begin growing their own herbs for oils.

One year later, in 1994, Young Living was officially born and began selling essential oils. D. Gary Young oversaw the growing of herbs and production of oils, while Mary Young headed up the marketing operations. She was quite adept at this, having had personal experience in direct sales. The result was a business that quickly grew and soon needed to expand its farming operation.

Not long after selling their first essential oils, the Youngs had farms in both Utah and Idaho that were growing a variety of herbs. Clary sage, lavender, melissa, peppermint and other herbs were all cultivated organically and transformed into high-quality essential oils. 

The next step was to build a larger distillery to handle the business’ increased demand, and the Youngs built what was North America’s most advanced essential oil distillery at the time.

Young Living Uses a Groundbreaking Seed to Seal Process

This new distillery was largely the cause of Young Living’s great and continued growth. The facility employed a trade secret process termed Seed to Seal, which D. Gary Young developed himself. The process is still used now, as it preserves the potency and integrity of essential oils through each step of distillation and packaging to create the best essential oils.

With control over both the farms and distillation facility, Young Living could ensure a consistently high quality that other essential oil producers simply couldn’t match. Thanks to the consistent quality, customers continued to get their essential oils from the company and refer others to the company’s products.

Young Living Now Is an International Organization

D. Gary Young has unfortunately passed away, but his vision of helping everyone through essential oils lives on with Young Living. The company is now an international organization with offices on four continents and customers throughout the world. 

In addition to the headquarters that remain in Lehigh, Utah, the company also has regional officers in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan and Singapore. Its farms are no longer only in Utah and Idaho, but now can be found throughout the world wherever the climate and ground are well-suited to growing herbs. Customers order from far and wide, with orders shipping domestically and internationally every day.

The company’s products include a wide variety of essential oils as well as other wellness products. Some of the most popular items include one-herb essential oils, blended essential oils, diffusers, lotions, CBD products, soaps, facial cleansers and hair care goods.

In total, Young Living counts more than 6 million customers who order its essential oils and other products. These customers are served by a team of over 3,000 employees.

The Employees Are Essential to Young Living’s Success

The Youngs always recognized how important their company’s employees are, and they’ve always treated these employees well. Being good to employees is simply consistent with the company’s overall mission of helping everyone pursue wellness.

Part of treating employees well in an international company includes welcoming workers of all nationalities, backgrounds and persuasions. Young Living makes it clear that everyone from the global community is welcome in the company’s workforce, and the diversity of the employees is a key to the company’s commitment to helping people. 

In acknowledgment of this commitment, Young Living has been named the #1 Best Company to Work for in Utah Valley. This validation that the company treats its employees well is an honor to the vision that D. Gary and Mary Young first had of helping everyone lead a better life.

Leading the Essential Oils Industry in Multiple Ways

Young Living is firmly cemented as a true leader in the global essential oils industry, and the company is leading in more ways than one. With the highest quality oils and recognition as the best place to work where it’s headquartered, Young Living is exemplary of how much good a business can do.