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Why Trimming Should be Part of The Grooming Process

There was a time when it was quite normal for men to allow their body hair to grow as it does with very little interference. With the advent of cities and communities, the scraggly and unkempt “back-woodsman” look went out of style very quickly. 

Today, men are placing a far greater emphasis on their grooming than ever before. The modern man is expected to maintain trim body hair and a well-tended beard. It has rightfully been said that we live in the era of “manscaping” and with good reason too.  

First and foremost, this is part of bedfellow etiquette. A well-manscaped body is highly attractive to potential partners, it is even expected. With this in mind, you may as well learn to handle this essential part of personal grooming without a fuss.  

It all begins with the selection of some fine tools for the job.  You want your grooming tools to be reliable, top-quality, and of the highest performance standards — just like anything else you will be allowing near your unmentionables. So, let’s take a look at the tools you will need for hair removal for men’s privates.

What You Should Never Do  


We never hear enough of the agonies of waxing and how “effective” it is at removing hair from those hard-to-reach zones.  However, under absolutely no circumstances should wax ever be applied for hair removal for men’s privates. The ball sack is an especially tender and delicate region. Even though it may seem that wax would be the perfect path to smooth shiny jewels, the result will be more horrific than the Lorena Bobbitt story. 

What will happen you ask? Well, applying hot wax for hair removal for men’s privates will quickly damage the soft thin skin and will hurt immensely. Because the hair on the balls is not as dense, most of the contact the wax makes will be with the skin.  Depending on the strength of the adhesive and the force applied when jerking the strip away, waxing can remove much more than intended leaving nothing but the will to survive. This is most unfortunate because the hair will grow back by the time the injury has had a chance to heal, thus making the entire process a painful exercise in futility.  

To recap: waxing the knackers is a bad idea. For best results, find a body hair trimmer for men and get comfortable. It may take a couple of tries to master your technique, but this is not an especially difficult thing to do.  

Using A Trimmer For Men That Was Designed For The Face  

Many gents assume that you can save a few dollars and use the same trimmer for facial and pubic hair, but there are some reasons that this is not a good idea. The most important thing is maintaining a sharp look. Trimmers designed for addressing the irregular and sensitive skin in the groin region are not designed for the same sharp precision as those designed for the face.  

Furthermore, there is the question of hygiene. As a general rule, grooming items used in the nether regions should not also be applied to the face, for reasons of sanitation.   

Using The Right Body Hair Trimmer For Men  

The first thing you will need when you are beginning your adventures in manscaping will be the proper body hair trimmer for men. You will need a tool designed for the type of hair and skin in this especially delicate region of the body. Using the wrong tools can result in minor knicks and irritation that can be most uncomfortable throughout the day.  

A trimmer designed to maintain the beard is designed to cut through the thickest toughest beards. They are more powerful and not designed for use around the delicate skin of the testicles. Because the skin of the privates is the thinnest of the body, greater care must be taken to avoid irritations and damage and this is what is provided by a dedicated trimmer. Furthermore, you can stop the spread of bacteria from one region of the body to another by keeping your trimmers in their respective regions.  

As you can see there are many ways to accomplish the task of manscaping efficiently and effectively. Some things should be avoided at all costs. The most important thing is to avail yourself of a top-quality ball trimmer designed for this very purpose. You can find some excellent options at Here you will also find more important tips and tricks for maintaining order in the nether region.