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What’s Needed for the Perfect Kitchen Makeover?

When you’re considering giving your kitchen a makeover, there are a few things that you’ll undoubtedly need. It’s also a good idea to be pragmatic about whether you’re outsourcing the task to a crack team of kitchen craftspeople or doing part of the work yourself. 

Here’s what’s needed for a perfect kitchen makeover. 

What’s Your Budget?

For any makeover to go right, you need a budget to stick to. It should be used as a guide as the work progresses with an allowance for miscalculations, errors of omission, and genuine surprises!

Split out what needs to be done in the kitchen. Maybe you’re changing the countertop because it has become weathered, dull, or chipped in places. Maybe one of the cooking appliances and the flooring need to go too. But elsewhere, you might be fine with what’s already present. In which case, determine what the cost is in equipment, materials, and labor (unless you’re doing it all yourself). 

Where Will You Compromise?

Unless you’re wealthy, you’ll likely need to compromise in places as you put together your numbers. Why is this? Don’t we want the best of everything? Well, yes, but maintaining that high of a standard will cause your budget to hit the roof! Through the process of figuring out what’s most important to you – e.g. a double oven or a single one? – it’ll become clearer what will consume the most money. 

Certainly, call around or go online to get price quotes for the appliances and other materials. Then you’ll have a better idea about how fast your budget is growing and where it’ll be necessary to compromise. 

Pick a Centerpiece of the New Kitchen

Whether you’re remodeling the entire kitchen or performing a partial makeover to refresh some aspects of what’s installed there, you should think about creating a centerpiece. It doesn’t matter if it’s for you or your guests, but what’s needed here is something distinctive, best-in-class, and that speaks to you. When you see it in the morning, it’ll make the effort all worth it. 

A set of perfect granite countertops from a supplier like World Stone, for example, will certainly make a statement. It’s clean, defined, and adds beauty to any existing kitchen prep area. Created as part of an island puts it center stage and away from the bustle of the cooking space. 

Resurface Cabinets

When you’re not ready or don’t have the budget to replace all the kitchen cabinets, consider opting for blue kitchen cupboards using resurfacing techniques to revitalize them.

The process involves removing the cabinet doors, taking off the handles and knobs, sanding the surfaces down, laminating them, and adding a wood veneer to give them back an appealing coloration. Once refitted, they will add value to a makeover without breaking the bank. 

Also, look at replacing the handles and knobs with a new set that makes the cabinets pop. They won’t cost much, but they can accentuate the new look. 

With a kitchen makeover, it’s often necessary to pick and choose between what areas to change and those to keep. A classic stove might be the item that stays, and other elements are altered or replaced around it. By prioritizing well, it’s possible to be completely satisfied with the end result.