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Ways To Properly Charge Your Phone

It is not less than a nightmare when you are out with your friends and your phone needs to get charged. Also, it is very disturbing if you are supposed to go out for a meeting and your phone is not charged. People are always on a look out for things that can get them a longer battery life. You can use fast chargers available on the market and keep yourself topped up every day. The reason is the absence of replaceable batteries. Our phones use lithium-ion cells that make your phones age and wear out as time passes.

If you are using your phone for almost a year or more, you might notice that the battery doesn’t last for a longer time. Many phone users struggle to make it through the day on a single charge after 2 years and using the same phone for the third year can result in unstable system performance. But there is always something that you can do to make your battery last longer and also extend your phone’s life and value and well. Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help you maximize your phone’s life:

Partial Charge Your Phones and Not Your Smartphones

It is a myth when it comes to batteries that require you to fully discharge your phone occasionally and recharge to erase your battery’s memory. This might be the right thing to do if you are using lithium-ion batteries. So you do not need to change your smartphone if you think you are practicing this and things that contribute to the decline in your phone’s performance. Partial charging is going to be beneficial if your phone uses lithium-ion batteries and will provide you long-lasting charging for your phone.

Do Not Idle Charge Your Phone

Charging your phone throughout the night or the day is one of the most common habits but it is not a healthy practice for phone users. One of the most important reasons is that continuous trickle charging when your battery is full can cause plating of your metallic lithium that reduces the stability of your phone in the long-run. It can also lead to malfunctions and reboots throughout the system. Apart from that, it leaves the battery at a high-stress voltage when it is at 100 percent and creates a lot of heat because of wasted power dissipation.

Turn Your Phone off When Charging Your Phone

When you are using the phone when it is still charging, it increases the current drive that induces a mini-cycle in the battery. It is often termed as a parasitic load which occurs when the battery gets drained at the same time when you are charging it. This means that it happens when you are watching a video or playing a game when it is still charging. This is not good for your phone battery as they distort the charging cycle and can induce many mini-cycles. This deteriorates your device faster and can also induce higher levels of voltage stress and heat on your phone’s battery. You can turn your phone off while it is charging. If you don’t want to do that, you can keep the workload lighter when your phone is plugged in.  

Avoid Your Phone from Heating Up

Apart from the other things that are harmful to your phone, heat is one of the things that contribute a lot to damaging your phone’s life. Just like high voltage that is really harmful to your phone, excessive heat is also really harmful to your phone’s battery life. Along with all of the above, the temperature is an equal key contributor that affects your battery performance and your battery’s long life. High temperatures tend to stress out the battery and your battery loses its capacity far more quickly than when kept at lower temperatures. If you will keep your phone somewhere between 25 – 30 degrees Celsius it should be able to retain it’s life to around 80 percent after the first year of its life cycle when it is charged.

Overcharging Your Phone

This is one of the main causes that decrease the life of your phone battery. All you need to do avoid leaving your phone plugged in for long hours. You can also look at different practices and DIY hacks to avoid overcharging using Spectrum Internet and Spectrum channel packages that provide you affordable internet, Cable TV and home phone packages. Apart from that, you can get the latest updates from the world of tech and gadgets.

Turning on Airplane Mode Is Helpful

Doing so can help you extend your phone battery’s life and helps your phone to load faster when you are charging. The Airplane Mode turns off your cellular data which becomes one of the biggest contributors that cause overheating of your battery.

Key Takeaways

Many ways can help you keep your phone and your battery life up and running. Many of these ways and hacks are usually mentioned in the phone’s manual. Apart from that, you mustn’t leave your phone unattended while it is charging.