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Use These 4 Tips to Help Reduce Stress

We live in a very stressful world and if we let that stress build up, eventually it’s going to come crashing down and it can cause a lot of problems. Sadly, many people only look ahead and go 100 mph, and don’t slow down to identify what it is that is responsible for the stress in their life.

There are little things you can to to help limit and reduce the stress you encounter. Mental health is a serious topic these days and there needs to be more of a focus on helping those deal with and reduce stress.

While it’s very hard to eliminate stress completely, you can do some things to reduce it, which includes these suggestions below. As always, if you feel overwhelmed with stress, consider going to speak with a professional.

1. Spend 15 Minutes a Day Meditating

Sitting in silence focused on nothing but relaxation can do wonders for you. It’s important that you find a quiet place to do this, free of all distractions. Also, don’t bring your phone, even if it’s on silent.

“This time fully disconnected is very healthy,” says Chris Rush of car speakers website HiFi Sound Connection. “Even just 15 minutes a day can make you relaxed and any built up stress will seem to just roll off and leave your body.”

2. Disconnect From Tech & Read Before Bed

Sometimes reading a book in the evening can help you unwind. Some people find reading very relaxing and they like to do it right before bed to put their mind to work in a non-tech setting.

If you like reading blogs like the one found here, then just be mindful of how you spend your time online in the evening. Many people get sucked down the rabbit hole just by logging into social media once. If you do read online with a Kindle or something similar resist the urge to check social media or emails.

3. Reduce Your Caffeine Consumption

Did you know that drinking a lot of caffeine can actually have a negative effect on some people’s mood? When you combine this with everyday stress it can really cause an issue. Rather than coffee, try a CBD tincture, as they have many studies done that suggest this helps reduce stress.

A coffee in the morning is fine, but avoid them late at night especially, and try to stay away from energy drinks with caffeine and sugar. Those can make you crash hard and get your emotions all in a bind. Water is the best beverage you can put in your body.

4. Dedicate Weekend Time to Your Hobbies

“You have to learn to make time for the things you love. If something brings you joy, make sure to set aside the time for it,” offers the owner of National Pool Fences. “The little time you spend doing these things can help take the focus off other stressful events in your life.”

A little “me time” is good for everyone. Whether it’s going to the woods to hike or playing 18 holes of golf with your buddies, make sure you set aside time for the things that bring you joy and happiness.