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Tips for Decluttering in the New Year

Tips for Decluttering in the New Year

The new year is a time for fresh starts, when everyone starts making resolutions about the brand new person they’re going to be this time around. But why not extend that new lease of life to your home, ans start giving it the refresh it deserves by clearing out all the old clutter you no longer need? Here, we’ve given some suggestions on where to start.

  1. Old sporting equipment

Though you may be sporty in that you go to the gym or enjoy running, most of us have some old equipment from a sport we haven’t played in years just lying around the house or cluttering up the garage. Eventually, it’s important to allow yourself to let go of these things – unless there’s a concrete reason you’re going to suddenly start playing lacrosse or your daughter is going to learn some tricks on that stunt scooter, it’s time to start getting rid of these things you don’t need or use.

  1. Old clothes

Keeping your wardrobe fresh is a great idea for many reasons; from looking and feeling good to staying current, and it also cuts down on clutter when you keep a tight hold over which clothes you have in your closet. So once a year – and why not january? – it’s a great idea to go through all your clothes, and say goodbye to things you no longer feel reflect who you are or that are just too threadbare to justify keeping. There may even be a few things in there that you can sell, and start refilling that hole in your bank account Christmas left behind!

  1. Things you are storing for others

While you shouldn’t throw away things that aren’t yours, you also aren’t obligated to hang onto them forever. While there will undoubtedly be some things you did agree to hang on to long term, have a think and you may remember that there is a box of books or clothes you were supposed to look after for just a week or two that’s been sitting around for years. Get in touch with the original owners, and ask them what they’d like you to do with their possessions; they’ll either come and fetch them, or give you permission to give them away, freeing up your space.

  1. Old newspapers and magazines

Of course, this comes with the caveat of collectors – if you have been building up a National Geographic collection since the 80s, for example, then don’t go suddenly chucking it all away! However, many of us simply inadvertently hang on to old magazines and papers because we forget to throw them away – and there’s only so many that it’s reasonable to keep in the bathroom. So have a look around, scoop up any outdated newspapers and magazines there’s no reason to keep, and stick them in the recycling.

  1. Old electronics

Technology has progressed at unprecedented speed in the past decade or so, and as a result we are all constantly buying new phones or other devices, due to the fact that planned obsolescence means things need to be replaced more often. For many people, this means there is a truly surprising amount of old devices and cables lying around their home just waiting to be got rid of – and some of them might even be worth a little bit of money and worth selling. So in the new year, why not hunt around the house tracking down all your outdated devices, and add that to your list of decluttering successes.

While almost all of us like to hang on to some sentimental collections and objects – which are what make a house a home! – a declutter is a great way to refresh your living situation and your attitude. Hopefully these tips on where to begin help get you off to a great start in the new year. And remember, when you’re ready to dispose of your unwanted items, be sure to check for recycling options in your area by searching for “recycling near me” online or contacting your local waste management department.