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Storage Options When Getting Ready to Move

Did you know that the average person in the United States will move at least 11 times in their lifetime? It’s true! 

While moving to a new home is an exciting life transition, it can also be one fraught with anxiety over the actual process. In fact, many people face the moving process with dread, due in large part to the stressful and cumbersome process of preparing, packing, storing, and transporting their property. 

With more than 300K items in the average American home, including “temporary buildings“, temporary storage solutions might be a necessity when getting ready to move.

How Can Temporary Storage Help My Move?

Preparing to relocate to a new home can feel a bit like juggling. You have to clean and pack your current property while preparing your new home in the process. Not only that, you have to put your entire life into a bunch of boxes! If you are one of the many people who can’t fit everything into a single moving truck, temporary storage options with cantilever racking provide immediate tangible benefits that you can embrace.

Here are a few key tips that short-term Wichita iStorage suggests to help make your move easier than ever.

1. Get a Head Start

The easiest way to fall behind on your moving day is to wait until the last minute. If you are one of the many individuals or families that will relocate with multiple weeks of preparation, consider renting out a storage unit in the interim. In doing so, you can take your time while getting a head start on the moving process. Just be sure to avoid materials that aren’t compatible with storage units such as fur clothing, food, and firearms.

2. Minimize Potential Item Loss

Did you know the most likely time to lose a prized possession during a move is when you are relocating your property? Makes sense, right? Maybe that’s why Buzz and Woody waited until they were in the moving truck to escape.

To minimize potential loss of your own during this major time in your life, consider renting a storage unit ahead of time. Self-storage units provide you with a convenient way to track the items that you are storing while ensuring their security in the long run.

3. Remove Clutter, Improve Mental Health

Moving from one home to the next is likely to be a highly stressful time for you. What’s more, clutter is known to increase your anxiety. The good news is that a move can be the perfect opportunity to purge excess belongings you no longer need. Consider reducing any clutter in your home in the weeks leading up to your official move. By doing so, you will make the transition easier, ease anxiety, and even enjoy yourself in the process. Okay maybe not the last one, but you’ll have a better time regardless.

Storage solutions aren’t hard to come by when you know where to look in Wichita. With our techniques and the help of SecurCare Self Storage, your storage solutions are just a single phone call away.