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Signs That Divorce Might Be Your Best Option

Divorce is never on the minds of a couple that are just getting married. People change over time and there is a chance that one part of the couple hid their true colors. Working on a relationship is one thing, but there comes a time when no amount of work can fix a dysfunctional marriage. There are times when nothing can help or neither spouse wants to reconcile. There are telltale signs that it is time to file for divorce no matter how tough it can be. The following are signs that divorce is your best option going forward. 

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is a telltale sign that your marriage is broken and won’t recover. Abusers usually escalate their behaviors which can be a very dangerous situation to live in. Take the time to make sure you are safe throughout the divorce process. Getting a PO box to receive letters from your divorce attorney is important. The last thing you want is an abuser to find out about the divorce via going through your mail. You should also start putting away money as a nest egg for this process.

Controlling Behaviors 

Abuse does not only come in the form of physical violence. Controlling behaviors can be a form of abuse like that of isolating a spouse from friends and family. You should be able to hang out with your friends without your spouse around. Do not tolerate this as this can turn into physical violence if you break the “rules” your spouse has given you. Abusers tend to isolate their spouse so there are no outside influences telling them to leave. There will always be a few friends your spouse doesn’t approve of but not every single friend or family member that you want to see.

Failure to Take Care of Children Financially 

Addiction could be the reason that your spouse cannot take care of the kids financially. North Carolina child support laws are going to differ from other states. You might be able to take care of your children in a far healthier way when you get a divorce. A judge is not going to grant custody to a parent that has noted substance abuse problems. Addiction impacts all walks of life but it is not an environment that you should have your children in. 

Rampant Infidelity 

Rampant infidelity has ruined a number of marriages throughout the years. This breaks up marriages quite quickly when the offending party continues to be unfaithful. You know whether this will stop in your heart. Take time to try counseling if you think the marriage is worth saving but with serial cheaters, they rarely are. There are so many ways to contact people through dating apps that infidelity has become a huge issue globally. 

Divorce can be ugly so it is important to get an experienced divorce attorney. Not all marriages are meant to work which is the unfortunate truth. Take time to think this big decision out as the answer might be shockingly apparent.