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Samsung Biologics Honored by Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards

Samsung Biologics

At the Digital Pharma Innovation Week, hosted by Fierce Pharma, Samsung Biologics was recognized for its marketing campaign launched in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The company received the award for the Best Digital Campaign (non-social media) for their Virtual Exhibition Hall. The campaign explored how this pharmacological company can use technology to remain connected with partners and clients around the world, even in the face of the travel restrictions and the shift towards virtual business found throughout the industry in response to the pandemic.

This award gave Samsung Biologics the opportunity to demonstrate the innovation and progressive leadership they possess in the area of promotion and building a strong organization. 

For pharmacological companies to perform their jobs effectively and promote public health, they need to communicate effectively with prospective customers, clients, and partners. The Fierce Pharma Award seeks to recognize companies within the field that have created campaigns that demonstrate leadership and an ability to engage with customers on a deeper level. These campaigns ideally take place across a wide range of different types of media.

The award that Samsung Biologics received, for non-social media digital marketing campaigns, looks specifically at those who incorporate digital platforms into their promotional efforts; those who make use of the latest advancements in technology beyond only social media.

Samsung Biologics developed a Virtual Exhibition Hall that brought together information and details from different typically in-person features that they use to communicate with partners and clients. Users can explore information offered in Samsung’s typical VIP exhibition room as well as their physical facilities and what they typically include in a conference booth.

The information found throughout the Virtual Exhibition Hall provides the company with the capacity to communicate effectively with potential clients, allowing these prospective partners to see the CMO, CDO, and CRO capabilities and services that the company can offer on a global scale.  To produce the desired effect, Samsung Biologics used cutting-edge virtual reality technology to allow them to connect with their clients anywhere in the world. The Virtual Exhibition Hall was launched during BIO Digital 2020.

Samsung Biologics has long demonstrated innovation in its application of digital technologies to connect with potential partners and clients. Even prior to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the organization had the vision to see the potential of virtual tours and webinars alongside integrative systems to engage with clients and potential business and growth opportunities anywhere in the world. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses around the world to adjust many of their marketing practices, Samsung Biologics immediately understood the importance of digital communication in this atmosphere. They were able to seize this opportunity, along with their previous momentum and digital adoption, to create a marketing campaign that permitted them to maintain their connection with business opportunities and partners to continue to build their organization so that they can deliver the health and pharmaceutical products that can serve people around the world.

Samsung Biologics is a biopharmaceutical company offering services that include the development, manufacturing, and the ability to provide laboratory tests for every stage of product development. Samsung Biologics remains committed to providing an example within the industry and meeting the healthcare needs of people around the world. They want to help improve people’s lives by providing them with the biopharmaceuticals that they need to thrive.

Although companies continue to innovate and improve their ability to develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals that can provide relief from a variety of devastating diseases, the ability to produce them at the levels needed is not fulfilled. Samsung Biologics aims to provide companies with the ability to produce their valuable biological medicines both cost-effectively and efficiently by meeting and exceeding standards for safety, quality, and service.

The company’s ability to provide a diverse range of services, as well as the advanced facilities that they can offer to clients, help them to progress on this mission of bringing innovation and progress to the pharmacological industry as a whole. Samsung Biologics was able to use their previous digital adoption and movement to build a highly successful campaign that engaged clients despite the novel coronavirus pandemic, earning them the award. It recognized their achievements in the industry and set an example for the rest of the industry.