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Rules to Set at Your Company to Help Prevent Workplace Accidents

The running of a business incorporates quite a few variables. Even with a number of things going right, profitability can still be a challenge. One aspect that nobody wants to deal with is that of workplace injuries. You never want someone to be hurt on the job as it is unfortunate and impacts the morale of staff. Being legally liable is completely fine if you have the appropriate insurance. You can reduce the likelihood of accidents by putting specific rules and policies in place. A proactive approach is important as being reactive means someone has already been injured. The following are tips to drive down workplace accidents at your business. 

Regular Safety Trainings 

There are some offices that might not need very much in terms of safety training or fire extinguisher hire. Digital marketing companies are a great example as this is usually a less active job than that of construction. This doesn’t mean that safety training shouldn’t be done as it is still important. All employees should know what to do in case of a fire or other emergency. HR and compliance will likely distribute this information to employees. Regular safety training, including dust suppression techniques, might be boring but it can remind employees about the right ways to do things. Injuries frequently occur from cutting corners to make a job easier or complete something faster. 

Substance Abuse Policies 

Drug testing when there has been an accident of some kind is a common practice around the world. You cannot tolerate any form of substance abuse that impacts the work being done by others. You also cannot put someone on the floor that has shown up drunk or high. Risking the safety of others because of the poor choices of one individual is less than wise. For those that are operating heavy machinery, there should be surprise breath tests. This is done in a variety of positions as everyone from captains to truck drivers are also subject to tests if alcohol use is suspected. 

Ask Employees What Equipment They Are Uncomfortable Using 

You need to address the weaknesses of your current employees. You want everyone to be comfortable using equipment that they will need for their job even if it is once in a while. Asking employees what equipment or machinery they are uncomfortable with is important. Additional training can be done in order to improve their proficiency and comfort on equipment. You do not want someone acting like they know how to do something only to be injured as a result. You do not want a personal injury lawyer claiming that there was no training on a piece of equipment. Training should be done regardless of whether an employee stated they could drive a forklift or other specialized equipment.

There should be signage reminding employees about safety even if it seems obvious. The last thing you want is to have an employee injured due to lack of preparedness by management. Employees will appreciate that they are being thought of when it comes to safety.