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Reasons To Become A Nurse Health Coach

The medical industry has become much less personal. The majority of health care provided takes a symptom management-based approach. This is an approach that might help to relieve symptoms of a problem, but in no way treats or cures the problem. This has led to more and more medical professionals getting burned out than ever before. Burnout might not be an occupational phenomenon specific to nursing, a lot of nurses are getting burned out at unprecedented rates [1]. As many as 62% of nurses experienced and reported symptoms related to burnout [1]. This has led many nurses to look for better ways to help patients and make a living. One of the top options for a lot of nurses is becoming a nurse health coach. A nurse health coach is a good way to alleviate a lot of the normal pressures and problems with being a modern nurse while still allowing you to do what you are passionate about. 

What Is A Nurse Coach? 

A nurse coach is a professional that uses both conventional and holistic treatment methods to help their patients. Unlike traditional nurses, they are not confined to the restrictions of modern medicine. This means they can not only help their patients using alternative methods, but they can also help them improve their total body health and wellness.

What Do They Do? 

Much like any other kind of nurse, a nurse coach helps their patients. They commit to putting their patient’s health and wellness as a top priority. However, they take a much more involved and personalized approach to their patient’s health and wellness. Instead of taking more of a management-based approach, they are getting much more involved and hands-on. A nurse health coach can help take on virtually every aspect of their patient’s needs. They can be major advocates for making lifestyle changes, diet improvements, and more. 

– Helps Make Better Decisions

One of the main reasons why so many people are sick and stay sick has to do with some of the lifestyle decisions they make. A health coach can get deeply involved with their lifestyle decisions. They can help to evaluate their decisions and figure out ways to improve them. So many can benefit from getting diet advice from a professional. A health coach can effectively do that and much more to help improve the lives of their patients. 

– Come Up With Treatment Plans

A health coach can also come up with treatment plans for treating specific health issues. As a registered nurse, a health coach can offer specific advice they would recommend and some of the things they should be doing to reach their health goals. A traditional nurse would be relegated to managing the treatment plans they’ve received from their doctors.

How Can You Become a Nurse Coach? 

Many traditional nurses may think that becoming a health coach is out of reach. Luckily, as a traditional nurse with a registered nursing certificate, you are already prepped for getting your holistic nursing certificate. All you have to do is learn the basics to become an effective health coach. While certification isn’t 100% mandatory, it is something you will want to get. A certification proves that you went through the requisite material and exemplified that you learned it. 

Where To Get Your Holistic Nursing Certificate? 

The Nurse Coach Collective is making it easier than ever before to make the transition from being a traditional nurse to a holistic nurse. If you’ve been looking to make a change in your career and you want to start helping patients better themselves beyond a traditional symptom-based management style, you’ll want to get your holistic nursing certificate. Getting your certificate will showcase to clients that you are serious about your work and that you are ready to help them. 

Sign Up For The Transformative Nurse Coaching Certificate Program

The Nurse Coach Collective has created its nurse coaching certificate program that you can enroll in. This program is a total of 7 months. Throughout the program, you will learn what it takes to become an effective nurse health coach. It’s pertinent to learn the ins and outs of being a coach if you want to put yourself in the best position to succeed.

– Why The Transformative Program? 

You want to join The Nurse Coach Collective’s program because it’s a convenient and easy-to-follow program that is designed specifically for people like you. It was created by nurses themselves. The nurses that created the program (us), were looking for a change. We wanted to make the switch much like you. We wanted a better way to help out patients and we wanted to be able to make a much more direct impact in their lives. That’s exactly why we created this program and look forward to helping you in the future.