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Ready to Roll? How YOUR Business Can Prosper With a Professional Corporate Profile

At the time of this writing, more than 740 million members are registered with LinkedIn. Far from the only major business-oriented social media outlet, LinkedIn has long set the tone for the rest of the industry to follow. Now, years after they first opened their doors, practices at LinkedIn can be engaged with to create positive momentum for your own brand or business.

In order to find substantial success on the internet, we must carve a place for ourselves out of its traffic. This requires finding a landing spot to set up our corporate profile. What’s more, we need an ideal corporate profile to even get investors, consumers, and potential clients interested in what we have to offer.

Develop a Promising Corporate Profile Today

When we think of the biggest companies in the world, what comes to mind? We likely conjure up images of major corporations and all of the branding associated with them. The Golden Arches. Ronald McDonald. Wal-Mart’s catchy jingles. Every major brand has a personality that is embedded deeply within its corporate culture. Your company should behave no differently.

To find success through a great corporate profile, we must first set our sights on our tone of voice. If we work in a financial institution, we probably don’t want to present ourselves as anything less than absolutely professional and personable. Financial institutions will market to a different sort of audience than a new clothing company, for example. What works for one might not work for the other, so tread carefully and do your market research.

After assessing how to present your voice to the world through your corporate profile, you will need a landing spot for your message. You can set up a corporate profile on Pitchbook or you can angle for a more conventional landing spot like LinkedIn. In fact, the best companies will have the largest congruent footprint possible.

Speaking of congruency, we must also make sure that our message is direct and comprehensible to the average viewer. If we sell financial services then we need to establish what we do well, what experience backs up our product, and how we can use our skills to help others. This messaging needs to be consistent from one platform to the next, from Facebook to LinkedIn and everywhere else in between.

Finally, we really want to underscore the importance of simplicity. The average attention span for a human being in 2021 is roughly 8 seconds, down considerably from the 12-second margin recorded at the turn of the century. As a result of this shortened attention span, we must be more aware than ever that our time with viewers is short. We must get in early, explain who we are, and engage directly where our consumers want us.

What does this mean practically? Create a readable biography that passes the Flesch/Kincaid score for your chosen industry. In doing so, you can maximize the volume and reach of your message while encouraging more engagement with your potential readers.