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Link round-up: 5 inspiring ways to transform your home for summer

It might not currently be the summer as we know it, but we’re still blessed with the sun-filled months that can perk up even the dullest and darkest day.

Today’s post is all about collating some of the best resources we have discovered over the past twelve months, which all try and sprinkle a touch of summer onto your home. On the most part, they are relatively inexpensive yet can transform the coolest and most wintery of spaces in an instant.

Switch curtains to blinds

In the peak of winter, cozy is key. We all want to be wrapped up in our living spaces, away from the outdoor elements.

This is where curtains work like a charm. They wrap a room up, like a blanket, and add incredible warmth.

Of course, this is the polar opposite to what we require in summer. Bearing this in mind, when the warmer and lighter months do arrive, consider switching your cozy curtains for something a little lighter. It might be a voile blind, or something that can just control the sun a little more easily such as Venetian blinds.

Link suggestion: Homes and Property. Homes and Property haven’t completely discounted curtains here, but they have put together some airy suggestions on how to make the most of your windows during the summer months.

The famous Spring Clean

It’s famous for a reason, the classic Spring deep Clean is something that we have all grown up with but ahead of summer, it’s crucial to get right. It can shift all of that heavy, negative energy out of a room and prep it perfectly for the warmer months.

Link suggestion: Good Housekeeping. Good Housekeeping have collected thirty-three tips to help you get the most out of your spring clean.

Use scents to your advantage

Venture to a Christmas market in the middle of December and you’ll see stands full to the brim of candles composed of cinnamon, pine, berry and other festive scents.

Well, similar rules apply in summer. There are a whole host of scents that are renowned at this time of year, although a lot of people tend to tap into fruity perfumes in a bid to realize such smells.

Link suggestion: House Beautiful. House Beautiful have collected nine different scents that you can sprinkle in your home to bring out the best of summer.

Turn to flowers

In some ways, this links in with the previous point. After all, flowers give off a tremendous scent, with some epitomizing summer more than others.

As well as the scent-factor, they also bring bustling color to a setting. Vibrant shades can add a sprinkle of summer to any environment and ultimately, bring it into the current season.

Link suggestion: Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers have become one of the leading florists in the country and allow you to add fresh, summer-like tones to your home in one, fell swoop. There are plenty of Avas Flowers reviews and Avas Flowers coupons online.

An injection of summer color

We’ve just spoken about adding summer shades to a room but naturally, this doesn’t just have to be with flowers. There are a wealth of other ideas and the most basic, yet most impactful of all, comes in the form of paint.

Whether it is a burst of yellow here or a block of blue there, redecorating a room can immediately transform it into a summer time zone.Link suggestion: Red Online. Red Online take some of the most effective paint colors that are designed for summer.