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Infographic round-up: Everything you didn’t know about cruise ships

It would be fair to say that cruise ships are in the love em’ or hate ’em category. Some people will make an effort to venture on a cruise annually, while others will avoid them like the plague.

Whatever your views on these vacations, today is more about the details behind them. They might split opinion, but when it comes to looking at the hard facts behind them, things start to take a turn for the interesting. It might be around the gigantic ships that dominate international waters, or it might be about the smaller, river cruise ships around the likes of Mississippi, but the facts and figures from this industry stretch beyond the impressive.

Over the last few months, a lot of infographics have hit our inbox and through today, we will showcase some of the more interesting ones that focus on cruise ships. Surprisingly, there were quite a few, which have been whittled down to the following.

Let’s size up the industry…

We don’t need to talk about the monstrous financial figures that consume this industry, there are plenty of resources that are capable of doing that for us.

Instead, this first infographic is about the sheer size of some of these ships. While historic ships such as the Titanic often grab the headlines, this is a small fry in relation to some of the modern-day examples, which are capable of hosting almost 7,000 passengers.

This infographic showcases a timeline of some of the largest ships to highlight the point in-detail.


Who is the typical ‘cruise vacationist’?

As we have already alluded to, you either love or hate cruises. It would appear that the US is the country which tends to fall more into the former category, with a 2016 study revealing that over 11.5m passengers originated from there.

This is in contrast to China, which was second in the list, with just over 2m.

All can become clear via this basic infographic from Statista:


There are more than Premium and Economy cabins…

You could choose the most luxurious ship in the world and could probably count the number of cabin choices on one hand.

This next infographic by Travelocity takes a jovial approach to the cabin choices. Rather than looking at the type of cabins, it instead looks at the position of them. For example, for the so-called “penny pinchers” it recommends the lower level rooms. Or, for the “life of the party”, choose a room near the central promenade.


More fascinating facts

If you’re looking for a boatload (pardon the pun) of fun, fascinating facts about cruise ships, let’s point you towards the Holy Ship! Infographic. While some of the data might be repeated, others border on the incredible.

For example, did you know that 10,000kg of beef is consumed at sea? Or that 5,300km of electrical cabling is needed for a typical ship?


The safest vacation you will ever go on

Let’s conclude proceedings with a final point about security. Sure, it might not be at the forefront of your mind as you plan such a vacation, but this infographic from is interesting to say the least.

They call cruise ships one of the safest vacation types in the world, with a range of variables contributing to this. It might be about all of the stages that are needed before boarding, or the on-board mechanisms which bid to make a journey safer. It all helps.