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Imtazur Rahman’s Tips for Planning Your DREAM Wedding on a Dime! Learn his insider advice

Every person has their own idea of what a dream wedding should look like! It’s all part of the magic that is a part of this romantic day!

But! But… weddings can be costly.

As the years go by the cost of weddings continue to increase. There are plenty to think about: the venue and the dress for the wedding, the wedding cake, the honeymoon, dinner & entertainment, wedding pictures to print and take, and so many more!

A lot of newlyweds spend too much money on their wedding plans and end up in debt. This is not a good way to start a marriage.

Today, to offer you some insight into how best to plan your dream wedding on an affordable budget, we’ve brought to speak with an expert in the wedding industry Wedding planner from Canada, Imtazur Rahman, to talk about wedding planning with a budget!

What does a wedding usually cost?

Imtazur Rahman: Maybe this will not be a surprise to those who read this, but weddings that are on budgets are becoming more commonplace these days -and the cost of a wedding decreasing in value. Just a few years ago, the average wedding in the United States cost $34,000. In 2019, that price rose to $28,000. (The average wedding budget was just $19,000).

What is the best cost of wedding planning?

Imtazur Rahman: The most expensive item is the location. The average cost for venues is around $10,000. This is about the half of your budget. If the venue provides food tables, drinks, chairs and linens the cost could be between $12,000 and $14,000.

There are many factors that could affect the price of your wedding ceremony. For instance it could be more costly in certain locations or more costly based on the number of guests.

What are other wedding costs?

Imtazur Rahman: Other than the catering/venue There are at least three factors that could affect the finances of newlyweds.

The Engagement ring

  • Engagement rings can be expensive as they are the symbol for a partnership. The price will vary based on your tastes in style, stone, manufacturer and so on. However, regardless of where your tastes run the majority of engagement rings cost about $5,000.

Music & Entertainment

  • Outside of the ceremony itself, there’s also the reception to consider. It will differ based on the type of entertainment you choose. A live band costs about $3000 on average, whereas DJs can cost as little as $2,200.

Photography and Videography

  • Photos and videos are essential to keep the memory of your day. Professional work can cost you around $2,000 for the photographer and about $1,000 for the videographer.

What is the most effective advice you can give to couples planning weddings within the budget?

Imtazur Rahman: I think the most common thing expecting brides and grooms to struggle with is setting a realistic budget. Clients have approached me with budgets that range at $8,000 to $15,000, which I consider acceptable. It’s possible to organize a wedding for this cost. Only question is if the budget is in line with their expectations.

It is important to understand the budget you have set will allow you to plan the wedding you desire. Trying to force your dream wedding under any kind of restriction is not going to work. Trust me, you’ll only end up spending more that way. This is why I insist on the word “realistic.’

What can brides and grooms do to lessen the wedding budget strain?

Imtazur Rahman Take advantage of concessions whenever you can! You don’t have to sacrifice the things that you absolutely should have or at the very least, you shouldn’t need to. You can offer concessions (and it can be anything) The following is what I mean by concessions:

  1. Change your wedding date For a lower venue fee you can consider the weekend over a weekday.
  2. Reception and wedding can be held in the same place. Venues are among the most expensive things about hosting an event, you could reduce costs by having only one!
  3. Limit your guest list! What are the most important guests that you need to have on hand to attend your wedding? This is an important point to remember. If you have more guests invite, it will require you to have a larger budget. Not just for the venue as well as for other features of your wedding.
  4. DIY your personal favors!This is an activity which my clients are more than willing to undertake particularly since wedding favors are pretty expensive.

There are a myriad of things you can do to make your day more affordable. You get the point! Give up things that won’t make the event more special for you.

Any other last-minute advice for someone who is planning their own budget wedding?

Imtazur Rahman: Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance! Don’t forget, I’m not talking about just your wedding planner. Friends and family are also crucial! It is possible to involve them in your celebration to make the day memorable. They will be happy to help you celebrate your wedding day, I am certain.

Where are our readers able to find you?

Imtazur Rahman: I have a website where you can get professional help planning your special day.