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Improve the Customer Service: A Guide

Customer service has never been more important. Now more than ever before, people are going to be very tight with their purse-strings and will go through the extra effort of ensuring they have chosen the right brand. You need to make them feel like their money is worth it not just to entice customers to use your services that first time, but so that you can encourage repeat business. Repeat customers may make up only 8% of your customer base, but they typically bring up 40% of your revenue. They are invaluable, so use this guide to improve your customer service to keep them and bring in repeat business. 

Improve Transparency 

Customers love transparency, simply because it is so refreshing. They want to know where their purchases have come from, whether they are doing good by the world by buying from you, who works for you and so much more. Millennials and Generation Z in particularly are very environmentally and socially conscious buyers, and are more willing than older generations to pay higher for a better brand. Improve your transparency and your business to appeal to them. 

Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Delivery 

While small packages can often be handled by the national postal system, bigger and more expensive purchases need a custom solution. Vehicles, for example, are a massive hassle to ship out to customers without a custom solution and using multiple businesses to reach various regions of the United States is incredibly risky. You need to have everything vetted and tracked, and then ensured on top of it all. 

It’s an entire business venture on its own, so to cut out that headache, you need a company like Acertus that handles various services including vehicle storage and delivery with a vast number of carefully vetted drivers and advanced technology to provide efficient, safe, and on-time delivery to your customers. 

Offer More Options for Customers 

If lockdown taught us anything, it was that businesses need more than one income stream to survive in today’s world. Offer more options for customers. A car dealership can offer car rentals, or even car photoshoots for other brands to beef up their revenue. Bakeries can host cooking classes (in person or online). There are many ways businesses of all types can improve their offerings and bring in more customers and sales through variety. 

Build an Actual Community 

You are a local business, which means the power of community can truly help you thrive. Even if you are digitally based, the internet community is a powerful entity that you can use to improve your customer base and boost sales. All you need is to be social. Make your brand more than just someplace to buy an item or hire a service. Make it somewhere people can join. Show behind-the-scenes videos, cool process videos, photos, and stories of your team — the options are endless. 

The point is to give your business a human face and voice so that people can get to know you and advertise your business without any prompting. If they feel like you are a friend, they’ll want to help you succeed.