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Igor Cornelsen On Why The Brazilian Economy Is Primed For New Investors

Igor looks at the world of investing as something that is much more than the opportunity to generate wealth. He sees it as a method of generating the resources necessary to sustain several generations into the future. This perspective is helpful for investors who are seeking to understand the underlying philosophy he uses in order to come up with his investment advice.

Education and Background

Igor was born in 1947 in the area of Brazil known as Curitiba. He went to engineering school in the only educational institution of its kind in the area. This required intense focus and dedication. He studied rigorously in the engineering department for two years before changing his major to economics. This decision would lay the foundation of many future events. He graduated in 1970 and began to apply his mathematical skills in his first job. He was able to accurately calculate compound interest rates during a period when calculators were not common.

He began working as an investment banker because of this particular skill, which was highly valued at the time. By 1974, he had worked his way onto the board of directors, and he would go on to become the CEO of the institution only two years later. After his organization, Multibanco, was acquired by the giant Bank of America in 1978, he moved on to work at Unibanco. After the inflationary period during 1985, he left this institution to take a position at Libra Bank. He worked at several more banking institutions to gain a wide perspective and range of experiences.

During the course of his work in various financial institutions, he started to develop a strategy towards taking risks. He was particularly interested in strategies for taking the kind of risks that most people will avoid. These are also the type of risks that can generate the largest returns, so he tackled the subject with a fresh perspective.

Igor generally discourages people from investing in the most popular type of stocks for the simple reason that these tend to lose money over time. The best type of investment is the stocks that start out low but increase rapidly in value. These are also the stocks that pay out the best amounts over long periods of time. After serving as an investment strategist for some of the largest banks in Brazil, Igor brings the kind of insight to stock trading that is both informed and relevant.

In addition to his work in the banking sector of Brazil, he also served as an adviser on economic policy to the Ministry of Finance. He still encourages investors to review the market in Brazil carefully because there are a lot of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. This advice is supplemented by a warning to stay aware of the regulations that can affect various industries. In 1995, he began his own investment firm.

This was an exciting period for Igor because it allowed him to finally apply himself fully to providing the same type of financial services that he was already accustomed to offering to the public. He cites his own experience as an investment banker when he reflects on the decision to start his own enterprise. He draws on a wide range of skills in order to manage his own company, and this includes his work managing funds on the stock market.

Igor’s Investment Advice

Starting his own company was a major step for Igor, and he also spends time writing articles and advising investors on various opportunities. He is focused on the Brazil market because he knows it so well, and he understands that there are hidden opportunities there. He also provides clients with insights about how to avoid purchasing bad stocks as well as how to steer clear of companies that are in bad shape.

Igor is committed to following the latest trends in order to develop a solid analysis of what is happening in the markets. He reads international publications that focus on economic issues and trends, for example. He also understands how temporary decreases in the value of stock prices do not necessary reflect long-term performance. He works daily as a financial consultant, and his insights have helped investors from all over the world understand the current environment for doing business. His understanding of foreign exchange markets, commodities and real estate markets supplement his background in investment banking.

His perspective on business comes from real experience in developing economies. He followed various trends in different countries and came up with a method of buying and selling assets. This reflects his views that the conditions of a particular economy should not be viewed in terms of good or bad. Instead, the timing of the purchase and the sale is more important.

In fact, some conditions that are perceived as bad are beneficial to investors who have the resources to purchase assets while the price is low. This is especially true when the value of the asset is expected to rise. He also encourages managers and other entrepreneurs to read a lot of source information instead of relying on a financial analyst’s conclusion.

Igor is a rigorous lifelong student of economics, and he uses only trusted publications like Reuters to inform his views. He prefers to focus on sources that have a proven record of accurate and unbiased reporting. The time he saves from not having to analyze the writer’s perspective can then be used to take actions that end up generating revenues.

In his view, managers also need to practice evaluating various types of data related to finance and markets. He encourages managers who are in a position of making decisions to persistently view the world market as a whole system. He understands the many drawbacks of attempting to separate the parts of the global economy into smaller pieces. Although this is tempting to do in order to make the issues seem more manageable, it is not practical in the long term.

Philosophy and Work Ethic

Over the years, Igor gained a reputation for being able to direct investors towards profitable asset purchases. He attributes this insight to his background in the investment banking sector as well as his experience working in the stock market. His philosophy can be applied to markets like Brazil, which tend to be complex.

Because of the difficulties that appear on the surface, investors may shy away from the market just because of the unfamiliar nature of the obstacles. Igor argues that this is beneficial because it provides bold investors with an opportunity to generate substantial wealth in the country. His track record of providing solid investment advice precedes him, and this is especially true inside of Brazil.

Mr. Cornelsen appreciates the value of a solid work ethic. However, he balances this personal ambition with the understanding that many investors are now looking for new ways to generate passive income. This is the type of investment that allows the person to only check on the performance of their investment on a periodic basis. In the meantime, they will be getting a regular flow of income without being directly involved in any work. This is an excellent solution for investors who are looking to free up time for other activities. Igor can apply his own work ethic in order to help these investors find solutions that are going to provide the desired rate of passive income.

Igor attributes his investment insights to several things in his life. The first one was the fact that he was exposed early in life to concepts of finance, and he was able to develop his ideas over long periods of time. This is one of the reasons that he can see a good investment long before other professionals in his field. His research strategies are also part of his overall method for locating profitable investments.

He watches political and economic trends very carefully, and he applies his own analysis to specific situations in order to find a way to take advantage of uncontrollable economic events. This is also part of his risk management strategy. Igor advises his clients to develop an exit strategy that will allow them to remain profitable regardless of how events play out after leaving the investment market.

Igor also spoke recently about 5 investments he has to watch in 2018:

AmBev is a company with headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This company is owned by a much more well-known business, Anheiser-Busch, known for producing Budweiser in the United States. In terms of market capitalization, AmBev is the largest company in Brazil. AmBev continues to see growth due to another important partnership with soft drink giant Pepsi. Throughout Brazil, AmBev is also the official distributor of all Pepsi products. While the company has seen recent slumps, it’s long-term prospects and partnerships look to improve matters.

While looking for the best Brazilian stocks, it’s important to note how certain changes impact this country. Throughout the past few years, Brazil’s commodities market has been increasing. You’ll want to consider looking into Vale, especially if you invest in commodities companies. Vale operates nine separate hydroelectricity plants across Brazil as well as many ports and railroads. In addition, this mining company is the largest provider or iron ore and nickel throughout the world. Current figures show that this stock has increased nearly 21% throughout 2018. Two factors for this current growth might include increased demand from China and rising iron ore prices. However, Vale has had continual growth throughout 2018 and this doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

3. FTJA4
If you’ve been following Brazilian stock news, you might have heard of Forjas Taurus. This Brazilian company manufactures a wide range of firearms and protective gear. Forjas Taurus is even the official supplier of protective armor and weapons to police departments across Brazil. They’re also currently the leading Brazilian stock in terms of growth. Forjas Taurus stock has seen an amazing 54% increase in value since the beginning of October. Of course, such a fast amount of growth might be too risky for certain investors. If you can stomach the risk of such quick growth, Forjas Taurus could vastly improve your portfolio’s performance.

4. BBD
Brazil’s financial sector has also been doing well. With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to think of investing in Banco Bradesco. This company is one of the largest financial organizations throughout Brazil, featuring over 5,000 locations. Outside of Brazil, Banco Bradesco has offices and affiliates located throughout the world. While certain investing experts rated this stock has one to hold onto, its recent gains have been surprising. Throughout the past month, the price of this stock has increased by 21%. That being said, It’s unknown if Banco Bradesco can keep up this momentum.

5. LREN3
As with most other countries, fashion is important in Brazil. Considering that, one of the most popular fashion companies in Brazil is Lojas Renner or Renner Stores. This company was founded in 1912, providing textiles to Brazil. Since this time, Lojas Renner has built an empire of 530 stores throughout this country. During 2017, Loja Renner made an estimated $2 billion in revenue.

In Summation

Igor Cornelsen is an experienced investment adviser, and he is currently living in Florida. His advice strategy includes encouraging younger people to get started investing while they are still in their prime. There is no need to wait until age starts to take its toll to get started, and he believes that this is one of the biggest mistakes. When young people get used to investing, it provides them with the skill set they will need to navigate complex economic and political environments in the future. Igor formally retired from the industry in 2010, but he still offers advice to clients on a casual basis. He is especially fond of playing and chatting with friends on the best golf courses in the world.