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The Adera by Hurley Development


Hurley Development is working on an exciting new project in downtown Vancouver, Washington called the Adera: a contemporary and sophisticated mixed-use apartment complex that will be replacing the Boomerang Therapy Works building, which has since shifted to a new location. 

Site clearance and the demolition of the old building started earlier this year in May, with an emphasis on dust suppression to minimize environmental impact. Ryan Hurley, the CEO of Hurley Development, acquired the property through his company Ten Talents Investments 9 LLC for $2.6 million. The building was originally acquired before the pandemic, in 2016, with the intention to build a hotel. However, when the pandemic hit, the leisure and hotel industries experienced deeper losses than what they faced after 9/11 and the 2008 recession. In response to the change in economic conditions, Ryan Hurley and Hurley Development decided to pivot and shifted the project over to a luxury apartment building instead. 

This was no small task. They had plans for a hotel and changing it to an apartment required them to scrap everything and start all over. Hurley Development chose LSW Architects for the Adera project and Talents Construction, LLC is building it. It’s slated to be a mixed-use residential building on Washington Street, in Vancouver, Washington. As with all Hurley Development projects, the team’s goal is to bring life to the city of Vancouver. Adera will contribute to this goal by providing quality housing in a former infill lot, as the city is currently in need of 15,000+ apartment units. Once completed, the project will enhance the socioeconomic opportunities in the area, and connect the active Vancouver downtown business district to the lively Vancouver Waterfront. 

The Adera groundbreaking ceremony was attended by all of Hurley Development’s project partners, along with the City of Vancouver. Since then, the work has accelerated. Last week, a pile drilling rig arrived on site. The drill has been busy drilling piles that will form the basis of Adera’s foundation. It is expected that the project will be completed in 2024. 

Once complete, the project will span the block between West fourth and fifth street, and Washington and Columbia streets. The residential complex will include 186 apartment units and a retail center on its ground floor. The building will also be serviced by 124 parking spaces for residents and 18 street parking stalls. Hurley Development’s goal is to bring repurpose the area to maximize its potential for use by the community. “The lot was underused, and it underserved the community,” shared Jason Ritchie, the innovation and creativity director at Hurley Development. 

The Adera offers its residents a unique living experience that is based on inclusivity, connection, and value. Though the property excels in its offered amenities, by providing a luxurious standard of living for its residents, but the amenities are not the only focus. It is more than a place to live. It’s a place to build a community that is premised on authentic relationships. 

The Adera is designed in a way to bring people together and help its residents realize the unique role played by each member of the local community. Hurley Development is not driven by the typical exclusion that is synonymous with luxury, but by the desire to provide a wholesome living environment for The Adera’s residents. 

Hurley Development appreciates the importance of amenities, which is why they have woven smart technology into the Adera experience. However, their added focus on people shows that Adera derives its value from a strong, vibrant, and diverse community. To ensure diversity, the property will benefit from the Multifamily Tax Exemption program of the city of Vancouver which will guarantee a number of units for tenants who are below the average income for the area. 

In addition to the emphasis on community, the Adera experience is made all the more special by the unique location of the residential complex. It forms part of the Vancouver Waterfront community while being connected to the Downtown core, offering its residents the best of both worlds. 

“For us, what we love about this location is it’s a thread between the waterfront and the downtown Vancouver business sector. The new waterfront market that is coming and the amazing ZoomInfo building: there will be thousands of people in this location every day. Adera is here for Vancouver’s working professionals. It’s an upscale, sophisticated, cozy building with smart technology,” said Ritchie.

Despite the community-first approach, Hurley Development has not compromised on the amenities available to the Adera’s residents. The amenities complement Adera’s communal approach. These amenities ensure that every resident has the best standard of living available to them. To achieve this, Hurley Development has paired up with some of the most thoughtful, creative, and acclaimed architects.

The design emphasizes community by incorporating shared spaces such as courtyards, coworking spaces, and community gathering spaces. Its courtyard exemplifies upscale and inclusive communal living. It is a place designed to bring together residents and facilitate authentic relationships. It has firepits, grassy areas, relaxing seating, and barbecue grills. It’s a central hub for the Adera community to interact and enjoy. 

Coworking spaces, designed with aluminium checker plate for added durability, are available for creativity and innovation. It has been designed to support effective collaboration among groups or remote work. The coworking spaces will be equipped with the necessary tech to make remote work a smooth and hi-tech experience. These spaces will have desks, microphones, screens, and cameras, to cater to individual working needs. 

Different community gathering spaces throughout the building have been integrated for formal and informal gatherings for residents. The main lobby is a beautiful, prime gathering space, and can be used to host community events, from art classes to wine tastings. The Adera will also include a club room so that residents can host parties with their extended family or utilize it as a space for business meetings.

In addition to communal spaces, the Adera also has amenities for self-improvement and entertainment. The Adera will benefit from a fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art equipment found in premium health clubs. Residents will be able to take advantage of individual classes and training, allowing them to excel in their fitness goals in a quality and judgment-free environment. 

About Hurley Development

Hurley Development is a regional real-estate and investment holding firm based in Vancouver, WA. They have developed a reputation for taking on challenges and working through difficulties to get the best results. Their overarching goal is to bring life to the communities in which they pursue their development projects through responsible and sustainable development.