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How You Can Efficiently Turn Your Freelance Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Gig

The side hustle is nothing new but the ease of earning extra money is at an all-time high. People can sit in their homes and make a decent income whether they are a copywriter or web designer. A side hustle can start to begin to be as profitable as a full-time job with the right clients. The transition from your full-time job to solely your side hustle is going to be stressful. There are so many unknowns in the freelance world due to long-term contracts being rare for some positions. A lot of professionals have never been in a situation where they not only had to work but also find sources of income. The following are tips to turn your side hustle into a full-time job while mitigating the risks associated with this transition.

Don’t Quit Your Job…..Yet

There is going to be quite an urge to quit your current job as soon as you think it is viable. You want to work both gigs simultaneously for as long as you can. You want to build up a financial nest egg during this time. You do not want to scramble for clients and accept less than ideal contract terms. Being able to sift through potential contracts and choose the ones you want to work on is important. A copywriter might be offered twice as much per word for a topic they enjoy writing about. If a copywriter is trying to make rent then they could take on a gig that is soul-sucking which there are a lot of on the freelance market. You also do not want to work with a predatory client or one that is potentially abusive due to not having respect for freelancers. Being able to drop these types of clients due to being financially healthy can be as much of a relief as landing a huge contract. 

Dedicate an Office Space At Home 

You are going to need an office space no matter what you think. Working from home can make it tough to disconnect at the end of the day if you work around the TV or in the dining room. Modern sheds provide a great alternative to using a space in your home for an office. You can easily run electricity out there while having privacy to complete work day or night. 

Ask Current Clients for Referrals 

Your current clients can be an important resource in growing your business. If you have done great work for a client for months or even years, they will likely blast your name out to some colleagues. The digital marketing industry is a great example of a niche to do this in. This marketing world is tight-knit and it seems like professionals hop from company to company. Being able to land a few consistent long-term gigs through your current clients can be a huge win for your new full-time freelance life. Make sure you can take on all of the work that you promise as you do not want to ruin relationships with current clients from failing those you are referred to.

Take your time when making the transition from your full-time job to working on your side hustle full-time. This is going to be a process with growing pains that you can overcome with hard work and dedication.