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How to Plan a Unique Wedding: 5 Must-Read Tips

No happy couple wants their wedding to blend in with the crowd of nuptials. Yet, it will likely do so if you follow trends or replicate themes, favors, or entertainment from other weddings.

Don’t settle for an average big day. Take the time to create a distinctive ceremony and reception that will impress every guest. Here are five must-read tips for planning a unique wedding.

  • Choose an Unusual Venue

An unusual ceremony and/or reception venue will stand out in your guests’ minds. Rather than booking a hotel, look for unique venues (with a venue booking system) that will give your big day the wow factor.

For example, you could marry the love of your life in a barn, tepee hut, or in the middle of a field. With the right lighting, decorative items, and seating, you could turn an average backdrop into a stunning venue.

  • Give Amazing Wedding Favors

Let’s face it; most wedding favors are a little disappointing. No-one wants to munch on almonds during a reception or to receive a mini jam jar they’ll never use.

Ensure your guests feel spoilt by presenting them with amazing wedding favors, such as:

  • A bottle of craft beer
  • A jar of sweets
  • A personalized glass
  • Cookie place names
  • Hire Trained and Talented Bartenders

Don’t allow poor service to ruin your big day. Hire experienced, trained, and talented bartenders who will ensure each guest’s glass is full throughout a reception. For example, you could hire a competent Denver event bartender to provide your loved ones with an excellent service. It will prove you have gone the extra mile to ensure your guests have a fantastic day, and it will add to the elegance and refinement of your wedding.

  • Make It Personal

Your wedding should reflect both your personalities. Skip the trends and incorporate entertainment, food, or features that are personal to you and your other half. For example, you could hire your favorite coffee shop to hand out fresh cups of joe to guests.

Alternatively, you could hire a food truck to give your guests an insight into your most loved dishes. The personal touches will help you create a unique wedding that you, your partner, and your guests will never forget.

  • Add Fun Games

A DJ or band might not be enough to entertain your guests. Encourage everyone to have some fun by incorporating games for all ages. For example, you can guarantee people will be more than happy to go head-to-head with a game of table football. You could even host a sack race, hire a bounce house, or encourage dance-offs.

Look for fun activities that will encourage people to laugh, chat, and have some fun during the reception. It will ensure every guest looks back on your special day with a big smile.

Never settle for an average wedding. Aim to make it as unique as possible to ensure you all have a day to remember. It will prevent you from looking back on your big day with regret.