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How to Look After a Commercial Property

Owning and looking after a commercial property is incredibly different to maintaining a regular house or apartment. Usually, commercial buildings are bigger and of a more sizable scale and can include various property types such as office buildings or warehouses. Due to this, these types of buildings are more susceptible to damage and wear and tear as there is a higher volume of people using it. 

To combat this, these types of buildings need extra attention in certain areas, such as office cleaning Cambridge, to make sure they’re in good condition and aren’t deteriorating too quickly. Here are some important tips and key areas of focus businesses and property owners need to take interest in to ensure that their commercial property is well looked after. 

Look After Your Roof 

A building’s roof is potentially the most important part of a property, and that rings true for commercial buildings. That’s because any serious damage that may have occurred from storms, or harsh sunlight, or even hail can seriously jeopardize whatever is inside one of these buildings. A leak can cause havoc if spilled on important equipment, so it’s important to be safer than sorry and get in a contractor to perform commercial roof repair

It’s best practice to inspect the building at least twice every year and after any particular, extreme weather events. Be on the lookout for any slipped or cracked tiles or dents in metal roofing. It’s also important to clean out the gutters regularly as blockages there can cause water to leak down the walls and ceilings, causing massive damage.  

Keep an Eye on the Floors 

If the commercial property is quite sizeable and houses a high number of employees, then putting in effort to ensure that the flooring, including mezzanine flooring, is in good condition might be of benefit. Due to the high volume of foot traffic expected, particularly in hallways and entranceways, these areas could easily get damaged over time simply because they’re trodden on often. To help preserve the floors in your commercial building, it’s a good idea to avoid carpets in key areas, as these can get worn out and fray on the edges, making them not only look horrid, but also become a potential safety hazard as well. Wooden flooring is usually the best option for areas of high foot traffic as they are super sturdy, and can also be cleaned up a lot easier. This is important, as the people coming and going will be entering from outside, meaning their more likely to bring in muck and dirt which is harder to clean from a carpet. 

Keep on Top of Pest Issues 

Commercial buildings are a far more attractive prospect for pests to infiltrate than residential properties. This is in part due to their size, meaning there’s more space for them to roam, but is mainly due to how much more food will be kept in a commercial building, especially if it’s a restaurant or store. 

When dealing with pests, it’s important to act quickly at the sign of any pest issues, as if left to linger it can get a lot worse. Be sure to contact your building manager straight away, or you can also use an external provider to swiftly eradicate the vermin. This can be costly, as sometimes the building will have to be emptied of personnel, which can affect profit, but it’s best to nip this type of situation in the bud so that it doesn’t put you out of business for longer.