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How To Help Your Teenager Drive Safe In Big Cities

How To Help Your Teenager Drive Safe In Big Cities

So you’ve finally reached the dreaded age where they’re able to learn to drive – you hoped that somehow it would never come, because you just didn’t need another thing to worry about. And yet here we are.

One of the more specific worries about your child gaining their license is that they will be driving in big cities which can be dangerous, especially if you didn’t grow up in one – although country lanes have their own dangers of speeding and unexpected corners, they have plenty of open space and few pedestrians which makes for an overall safer – or at least less stressful – driving experience, especially for a new driver.

Driving in the city is filled with hazards; busy pedestrian crossings, huge wide roads and bus intersections, and the possibility of missing signage as a new driver overwhelmed by the big city driving experience.

Luckily you can help them learn to be safe in big cities in several ways. Firstly, there are plenty of online simulations you can get them to practice for all kinds of environments. If possible, it’s also a great idea to visit a big city they might be driving in with them – if you;re an experienced driver yourself you can point out the difficult spots or dangerous areas, and if not you can just help them to get a feel for the city. In addition, you can just help them invest the time in activities which improve their reflexes such as any sports, which will help their reactions during driving.

Getting Their License

You can also help them on their way to getting their license. The first step is to help them find a reputable driving instructor; if a lot of their friends already know how to drive, ask around and see who their parents recommend. Make sure that they hit the recommended number of hours behind the wheel,a dn be careful to get this right as it differs from state to state. You should also help them to make time to practice their theory, such as doing California permit practice online before their exam – treat it as just as important as any other work they might be doing, and make sure they commit enough study time to it.

So there we go; allowing them to finally learn to drive is  a big step and inevitably you will worry – no matter where they drive or with who. But you can help them to make sure they succeed at this milestone of life and keep them as safe as you can.