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How Gamification Is Revolutionizing Modern Businesses

Do you remember the first time that you picked up an xbox controller? If you were like most people, the feelings were pretty positive. There is something uniquely satisfying about collecting points, filling progress bars, and leveling up. As human beings, we enjoy find ourselves in productive situations and video games allow us to do just that!

There has been an increase in recent years to gamify ideas outside of the video game space. From changing habits relating to health and wellness to improving how our employees operate in the workforce, gamification has some pretty unique advantages to offer. Before grabbing your favorite Business gamification for Dummies book, first, consider reading a little more about the process!

Integrate Gamification Today to Enjoy Key Workplace Benefits

The process of gamification involves a strategic attempt to improve, enhance, and make more efficient the systems and services belonging to a person or an organization. Utilizing game-design-type elements, it is possible to push for more efficiency and employee progress through a careful design gamification set-up.

Gamification largely revolves around utilizing game-elements and translating them to real life, focusing on efficiency, workflow, user engagement, and even employee evaluation. Gamification design ideas can changed based upon the industry as remote workers will need far different strategies than individuals within an office environment.

No matter what reason you decide to pursue gamification, your office or business can enjoy a slew of hard-hitting advantages that help to lift your company. Let’s outline a few of the biggest benefits that gamification can provide.

1) Crowdsource Complex Problems

Gamification can help corporations of large sizes to accrue massive amounts of data in order to solve larger problems. We can see gamification used within the data entry industry to accrue specific points of information. Companies can develop gamified processes to gather information from targeted demographics by rewarding them with game-like benefits, including points that can be redeemed at a later time for gifts. For more information on this subject, explore how gamification and crowdsourcing can be combined to develop breakthroughs in business.

2) Improve Employee Engagement & Retention

There is something beyond satisfying about hearing the level-up noise in video games, why wouldn’t it be effective in real life? While we don’t want managers playing video game noises at work, utilizing gamification can lead to similar feelings of success and progress. By gamifying processes at work, savvy bosses can implore and motivate their employees to solve problems, work more effectively, and to prop the business up as a result. With gamification, everyone can win.

3) Make Updates More Meaningful

Rather than tossing out traditional updates or ‘check ins’, gamifying employee tasks can put the onus on your workforce, leading to boosts in productivity as well as employee satisfaction. Shortening your processing while improving employee and customer engagement are great reasons alone to consider exploring the world of gamification more.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? If so, consider establishing prominent gamification techniques in your business today!