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Grants Assist’s Corporate Culture Focused on Helping Others

Grants Assist Corporate Culture Focused on Helping Others

Founded in June 2018, Grants Assist is an Australia-based startup dedicated to maximizing grant opportunity outcomes for various individuals, startup businesses, and non-profit organizations. The company leverages technology to streamline operations, match individuals with available grants, minimize confusion, and enhance grant application outcomes. With a commitment to advance opportunities for various clients, Grants Assist works as the connective source for success for multiple startups, fledgling businesses, first time entrepreneurs, and individuals who rely on these positive outcomes to pursue their dreams. Thus, the corporate culture at Grants Assist reflects the importance of the work being done, and the “big picture” change that each employee at Grants Assist can facilitate.

Providing Bespoke Services

While anyone can conduct hundreds of Google searches in an effort to find potentially appropriate grants, this outdated methodology is certainly not sustainable on a long-term basis, or conducive for busy business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Without Grants Assist’s ability to categorize, streamline, and present users with targeted and timely grants, the general world wide web remains a cluttered source of vast data that renders it difficult to find worthwhile grants before their application dates lapse. All of Grants Assist’s team members recognize the importance of the bespoke services they provide, and treat each user as a unique entity whose future can undoubtedly change through the services provided by Grants Assist.

Thus, the workplace culture at Grants Assist encompasses the value of the myriad of services provided. These services set the company apart from any other available resource. The company offers various modes of communication, making it easy for potential grant recipients to gain the knowledge needed to confidently move forward. Interested parties can request a call back via an easy-to-fill form, dial in to Grants Assist personnel, or take an online eligibility quiz to determine whether the services may be appropriate to their unique needs. Each communication effort garners designated time, effort, and consideration by staffers, who are eager to develop rapport with potential users.

Alleviating Burdens and Increasing Efficiencies

At the cornerstone of Grants Assist’s services, the intelligent and intuitive dashboard allows users to gain timely and concise access to appropriate grant information at a moment’s notice. Users are able to customize their dashboard by location or industry, and provide relevant details that enable complex algorithms to understand their bespoke needs. From there, users are immediately notified, via email, of upcoming grants that are appropriate for their needs. They don’t have to sift through hundreds of inapplicable grants, or comb through countless websites, only to find expired grants that no longer accept applications.

In this regard, the automatic alert system employed by Grants Assist arms users with the most up-to-date, appropriate, and industry specific grant information. This enables users to make the most informed, time sensitive, and effective decisions based on having a proverbial “full deck of cards.” Not only do users have access to important data, they no longer have to waste precious time on the seemingly fruitless task of constantly searching for potential grants. This increased efficiency allows business owners, entrepreneurs, and startup leaders to focus on other facets of business development.

Team members at Grants Assist recognize the importance of time management, streamlined operations, and perfected efficiencies in a small business setting. Thus, they proudly employ the use of Grants Assist’s services to allow users the opportunity to potentially maximize outcomes in a time-effective manner. 

Offering Grant Writing

Another pivotal service offered by Grants Assist is the preparation of grant applications. For interested users of this service, dedicated Grant Writers with years of experience can provide assistance in the effective creation of grant applications. These dedicated team members understand the importance of presenting a company’s need for funding in the most effective way possible, championing the potential impact of a new technology, or highlighting the good that a certain company could do in the world. Even the most innovative startups can be overlooked without an impactful grant application.

Often, effective grant applications meet in the middle, perfectly balancing out emotional and purposeful writing with complex strategy and data information. For many analytical minds and technical startups, industry specific jargon can be very telling. However, outside of the niche realm of the startup, this language can be misunderstood, overlooked, or otherwise misused. Thus, with millions of dollars of grant funding released annually to help targeted startups move forward, Grants Assist’s talented Grant Writers recognize the role they potentially play in the future of a company.

From One Startup to Another

Itself established merely two years ago, Grants Assist is also somewhat of a startup, and certainly maintains the spirit of a startup. Focussed on growth, evolution, and furthering the scope of influence, team members at Grants Assist subscribe to the company’s overall mission statement. The corporate culture revolves around the idea of working together to grow Grants Assist, and to expand services to help as many potential people as possible. This commitment to service is felt through all facets of operations. Focusing on proactive communication, the building of customer-centric infrastructure, and appropriate scaling, Grants Assist offers authentic assistance for startups, as it is closely tied to the startup community itself. Thus, team members can understand the need to navigate funding resources, secure grants, and implement them in meaningful ways.

Illuminating the Grant Sector

In addition to becoming an excellent source for streamlined access to grant opportunities, the folks at Grants Assist are wholly committed to illuminating Australia’s grant sector. Each year, hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funds are underutilized, simply because appropriate individuals do not know about the existence of these grants. Thus, in an effort to bring the grant sector to light, the team members at Grants Assist are committed to continuing the conversation. Team members regularly post updated informational articles, and work to relay industry specific grant information to relevant parties. This increase of information can make the realm of grants more widespread, and initiate activity. Thus, corporate culture at Grants Assist focuses on education, industry awareness, and championing advocacy.