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Everything About Supermicro

Supermicro is an IT company that plans to revolutionize the current market. It focuses on delivering top-tier services to clients through innovation in artificial intelligence, 5G Telco or Edge IT infrastructure, enterprise, cloud solutions, and cloud technology. The company provides various services and products that handle most of the questions and demands of their clients. Here is an overview of the company, including the services and products.

About the Company

Charles Liang, the current Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President, established the company in 1993. It runs operations in more than 100 countries. Additionally, in 2018 IDC noted Supermicro as the top global server vendor. 

David Weigand is the company’s senior vice president and chief financial officer, while Alex Hsu is the senior chief executive heading the strategic business department.

The company records more than $3.5 billion annually as revenue. It was recently ranked among the Fortune 1000 firms and accredited as a world-class leader in providing innovative products on Cloud, Internet of Things, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence. 

In 2021, the company expanded its global manufacturing footprint to over 3 million square feet. Furthermore, the firm expanded its Taiwan and Silicon Valley campuses footprint to 1 million square units.


Hyper Servers

Supermicro has several products that are high performance and highly configurable for 5G, enterprise, and data centers. These products include the 2U Hyper-E connected on the rear end, a 2U Hyper-E with no rear bezel, a 2u-Hyper-E, and a 1U. Some of the key highlights of these servers include fast storage capability with the latest generation SSDs. In addition, the products offered have top-tier networking flexibility with AIOM that is OCP 3.0 compliant.

The company boasts many innovations like Telco configurations that comprise Hyper-E, short depth, and carrier-grade servers. Clients can enjoy lower and cheaper maintenance costs and straightforward serviceability. These products are optimized for Telecom micro data centers. Enterprise servers, AI inference, network functions virtualization, hyper-converged storage, and cloud computing.

The servers run on a dual third generation Intel scalable processor with a maximum 270W TDP. It has an open industry-standard IPMI and a memory that supports eight terabytes.


The Ultra product provides the highest flexibility and performance for businesses. It has high-end server features, such as hybrid storage, low latency optimizations, and NVMe. Moreover, it offers comprehensive networking capabilities, including Ultra Riser and Max/IO cards. It is optimized for virtualization, business intelligence, big data, low latency, and database.

Big Twin

The Big Wig has a 2U system that supports up to four nodes with 20 DIMM slots. It boasts flexible storage capacity, and networking options like 1GbE and 200GbE. It is designed for:

  • Virtualization
  • Cloud computing
  • Software-defined storage
  • Hyperscale or hyper-converge
  • Hosting and Content Delivery

Outdoor Edge System

The outdoor edge systems can be mounted on poles and take minimal space. Apart from supporting virtualizations, servers with outdoor edge systems have three expansion slots and operate in extreme conditions. It has lockable buckles, intrusion detectors, heater exchangers, and redundant sensors, fans and a power supply. Such a system is helpful for businesses in the mobile industry that use 5G ran, edge AI inferencing, and content delivery (videos).

Fanless and IoT Gateways

The fanless and IoT gateways are built to operate in tight spaces and increase reliability while eliminating noise. Servers with such technology embedded are cost-effective and support many Intel processors, including low-power generations.

Green Computing

As a leader in the IT industry, Supermicro ensures it conducts data computing in an energy-efficient and greenway. The company’s goal is to promote the use and deployment of new technology that reduces the cost and influence on the environment. Therefore, the energy-saving architecture ensures green computing innovations aside from TCO savings.


The company has a reference architecture that fulfills clients’ unique HPC requirements. These solutions offer a wide range of benefits, including a fully integrated rack, liquid cooling systems, and system configuration. 

The firm provides its customers with motherboard designs that meet specific client considerations. Furthermore, it offers liquid cooling solutions at a lower cost, with reduced environmental effects and optimum solutions.

The enterprise HPC reference design is designed to handle an intensive workload. It is built to manage medical research, digital manufacturing, oil and gas exploration, and financial risk management. 

The scientific research supercomputer reference design is meant to handle research projects from space discoveries, nuclear reaction physics simulation, and weather simulation. Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence deep learning HPC reference design pushes the limits of AI capabilities, which allows companies to build game-changing applications that use AI.

Supermicro is an innovative company spearheading highly efficient computing power for business. Enterprises should adopt such energy efficient, cost effective, and environmental friendly ways set by Supermicro.