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Essential Firearm Safety Tips For Layman

One of the most dangerous elements of firearms is ignorance.  Police officers face this situation every day.  When you’re in such a strong position of leadership, firearm safety is pivotal.  

However, the United States permits regular citizens to carry firearms, and the knowledge of how to properly handle and use those firearms isn’t always there.  It’s important to understand the weapons you choose to wield, and the great responsibility that comes along with that particular weapon.  

Take a moment now to read through a few of the most essential firearm safety tips every gun owner needs to know, and help spread the safety of knowledge.  

Always be aware of your muzzle position

The barrel (or muzzle) of a firearm is very important.  If you want to safely handle your gun, never point the muzzle of the weapon anywhere but the ground unless you intend to fire it.  

If you’re carrying your weapon on you, it’s safer to holster it.  Holding your firearm in your waistband or your pocket is extremely dangerous.  Always be aware of your muzzle.  

Keep your finger off of the trigger 

When you’re handling a firearm, it’s important to know how to safely handle your weapon.  The trigger of a weapon is unique to that weapon.  You never know just how much pressure it needed for it to fire, and you don’t want to take any chances.  

If your glock blue label firearm is drawn, take aim while holding your trigger finger nearby, but off of the trigger.  Only touch the trigger of a live weapon when you are absolutely sure you’re ready to take your shot.  

Know how to properly clear your weapon

When your firearm is not being used, it should be stored without any bullets in the chamber or clip.  You need to know how to properly clear the chamber of your firearm to assure that it has no chance of hurting anyone while it’s not in use.  

Safely store your firearm

When you’re not carrying your weapon with you, how you choose to store your firearm makes a difference in safety.  If you have children in your home, safe storage is even more important.  Store your firearm unloaded and in a secure location.  

When your children are of an appropriate age, start teaching them how to properly handle a firearm.  Knowledge is power, and it could save someone’s life.  

Always know what is beyond your target

It’s vital that you always know what is beyond your target, even if you are at a shooting range.  Your bullet may not stop when it hits the target, and you need to be sure that you aren’t endangering someone else’s life.