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Could A Clean And Tidy Home Make You More Productive?

Have you ever tried looking around your home environment when you feel unmotivated, unenergetic and thoroughly unproductive? If your home is untidy and not as clean as it should, or could be, this may be having a detrimental effect on your state of mind, and as a consequence, your productivity levels.

Over the years, multiple studies have shown that dirty and/or messy homes can cause a person to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and even depressed, and when a person experiences those things, the last thing they’re ever going to feel like being, is productive. Clean and ordered home spaces, on the other hand, can induce feelings of calmness and a sense of control, which in turn, can make you feel more motivated and productive in general.

Still not convinced? Here are a few examples of how a clean and tidy home can make you more content, less stressed, and more productive:

Distractions become reduced

If you’re surrounded by clutter and filth at home, your brain will be forced to work much harder to eliminate, or filter distractions, and concentrating on anything important, becomes much more difficult.

By keeping your home clean and tidy, you can minimize those distractions and give your brain more time and energy to focus on matters at hand, which may or may not involve cleaning.

Energy levels are increased

Returning to a messy home after a long day at work, or waking up to clutter and the lack of dust suppression in the morning, can leave you feeling mentally exhausted and without the energy to do anything other than the bare minimum required to function.

A tidy and clean home, however, can energize you by leaving your brain and body free to do what it needs to, without the weight of cleaning and tidying to burden you.

Mood is improved

Even when you’re trying to relax and unwind at home, if you’re surrounded by a mess, it may not be long before feelings of anxiety and depression wash over you, and before you know it, you’re feeling anything but relaxed.

When your home isn’t a mess, though, you instantly feel calmer and less stressed, and naturally, this can impact your mood as a whole.

Sleep is of a better quality

The ability to shut our brains down when our heads hit the pillow is important, not least because it helps our bodies and minds rest and regenerate. But with so many things that need to be tidied away or cleaned, on your mind, unwinding and feeling sleepy becomes impossible. Before long, if the problem isn’t tackled properly, you may find that you’re not sleeping at all and are functioning on a very basic level.

By keeping your bedroom clean and tidy, you can at least try to unwind and get ready for sleep, without thinking about what cleaning chores you need to do and whether you’ve got the energy and inclination to do them or not.

Productivity levels go up

In general, for most people, a home that’s clean and tidy can help them in so many different ways, not least by increasing productivity levels. When the carpet doesn’t need vacuuming and the toilet doesn’t need scrubbing, the dishes are done and everything has been put back in its rightful place, for example, we can find other things to occupy our body and mind, and are far more likely to be able to focus on them more effectively.

To keep your productivity levels up and your home spick and span, consider hiring a local cleaning service to come in as often (or as little) as required, and see how much of a difference it can make to your life.