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There’s a Program for Everyone with BFrank Coaching

BFrank Coaching - A Program for Everyone

What works for one person does not work for all. It’s a concept that rings true from the classrooms to the workplace – and it’s an especially important consideration if you’re trying to make significant lifestyle changes like learning how to eat right and improve your health. 

BFrank Coaching, a health and wellness program led by certified nutritionist and coach Bri Franklin, understands this concept well. Not only does she not use a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness coaching, but she also makes sure that her clients are able to utilize the information and skills she teaches in a way that is individualized and tailored to their own goals and needs. 

Why One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Apply To Fitness Coaching 

Just like every person has different nutritional needs and varying levels of fitness, we also all have different styles in which we learn best. 

 So because everyone learns differently, it just makes sense that the same coaching style is not going to be as effective for one person as it is for another. The best coaching program for you is always going to be one that understands this concept and can tailor its lessons to you as an individual.

  • Some people learn best in a hands-on, social situation, where they can interact with their education materials. They might also benefit from talking it out, bouncing ideas off another person, and receiving feedback on how to apply this new information to their own lives.
  • On the other hand, many do best learning independently, when they can follow along with a learning module, interact with their peers, and have visuals and text to enhance the process. 

The reason that this is so important to keep in mind as you try to find the right coaching program for you is because any effective program should teach you lessons that you can implement for the rest of your life. Getting healthy is far more involved than following a meal plan or exercise regimen – it’s also about receiving a good education on what your body needs and how to deal with challenges and stressors as they come up. 

For real change to happen, you have to not only learn what you should be doing, but also how and why. 

The Importance of Accountability 

In addition to learning styles, a good coaching program should also consider sources of accountability when it comes to making huge lifestyle changes like changing up our diets and routines.

Accountability is very often the missing link that stops people from reaching their ultimate health and wellness goals, which is why so many people turn to fitness coaching in the first place. Staying accountable to someone (or something) outside of yourself means that you’ll have something pushing you to stick with those big changes, even during the times that you find your own internal motivation waning. 

Sometimes getting direct accountability from someone else, like a certified nutritionist or a coach like Bri, is the best way to motivate someone to stick to their journey for the long run. 

Other times, staying accountable to a small group of life-minded individuals who are also going through the same changes as you are is the best way to keep you motivated. 

But on the opposite end of the spectrum are people who have no problem staying accountable to themselves, but need that extra outside help from a structured plan. 

No matter how you like to receive your accountability, BFrank Coaching has an answer for you. 

BFrank Coaching Works for Everyone 

So with all things said and done, it’s clear that everybody is going to react to coaching programs differently. The best way to ensure that you’re finding the right coaching program is by finding one that aligns best with your own learning style and accountability needs. 

This is where BFrank Coaching shines. 

Bri Franklin, the founder and coach behind BFrank Coaching, has a holistic approach to fitness coaching with the intent to help you make real, long-lasting changes. Not only does she know her stuff, she also knows how best to pass along that knowledge to you! 

Part of the reason that this works so well in her program is because she utilizes three different coaching options so that anyone who wants to gain insight on how to make these big changes can do so in a format that matches their learning style best. 

The three different coaching options include 1-on-1 coaching, a self-guided formula, and small group coaching

  • 1:1 Coaching – In this program, you get to work directly with Bri, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves a hands-on approach. Hiring Bri to be your coach means you get a certified nutritionist and experienced trainer, so you have ultimate accountability.  This is especially great for people who learn best by talking it out, since having a real conversation with Bri that’s pertinent to your own situation can make all the difference. 
  • Self Guided Formula: On the opposite end of the spectrum is Bri’s self-guided formula, a learning module that allows you to learn independently and at your own pace. It’s a perfect option for those go-getter learners who have no problem learning on their own, but need a specific guide/ lesson plan type learning to guide their journey. 
  • Small Group Coaching – Bri’s Small Group Coaching option is a great happy medium for many different kinds of people looking to make a change. As the name suggests, you will journey with a small group of likeminded people but you also receive direct coaching from Bri. If you’re an independent learner but know that some accountability and coaching will yield better results for you, this is an effective option. 

With these three different options to choose from, Bri has made it easy and effective to apply her knowledge and insight to your own personal goals, no matter how you learn best. 


Bri’s coaching methods are far more effective than traditional approaches because she puts the emphasis on the people she works with. If you’re tired of ineffective, short-term health solutions, BFrank Coaching has a solution for you.