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Area Rugs for Every Style and Décor

Area rugs are an excellent choice for revving up a room’s appearance. Unlike installing wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs are less costly, easy to clean, easily placed or moved, and come in all sorts of styles and types. But how exactly do area rugs help with redecorating? Let’s have a look at four reasons why someone would want to add an area rug to their home. 

Design Internal Pathways

Apart from the beauty of the rug itself, a well-placed rug can liven up an overly dark or empty interior space, like how a hallway might feel without enough decoration. Horizontal rugs can create a visual pathway, and they also help show that part of the house is meant to be visited. Whether you are redecorating entirely or adjusting one space, this kind of attention to detail can make things more welcoming and relaxing.

Protect Floors

Image via Unsplash by Sidekix Media

Whether it’s a hardwood floor, natural stone, or other valuable materials, nobody wants their floor to get damaged or marked. Area rugs can help protect likely places for spills or add an extra buffer for a living room table.

For any places that might face a spill, mess, or even just a lot of traffic, putting round tablecloths on or putting down a rug suited to that type of room could save you from a very expensive mistake in the future. For example, kitchen rugs come in a lot of different styles, materials, and sizes, so you can get one that protects your floor and completes the space all at once.

Complete Your Color Scheme

Sometimes a room doesn’t have the right hue or contrast, but a simple rug can add to or complete the color theme of a room, getting the right balance for your vision. Rugs also allow you to add a little more individuality to separate spaces, outside of the house as a whole. You can consider buying different colored rugs for your room for different occasions, such as summer and spring versus fall and winter. You may be surprised by how much this can make things feel new.

Accent Furniture

Imagine an old center table placed in a room, with a rug underneath. Now imagine the same thing without the rug. In general, a lack of soft furnishings such as rugs can make an interior feel more business-like, such as seating at a cafe; not exactly as personal or relaxed as a home should be.

Area rugs can completely change the feel of a piece of furniture. It may take some experimenting, but a little visualization can help ensure you pick something great the first time. Sometimes you don’t have to replace or remove a piece that isn’t working out; just see if a suitable area rug completes the look.

Interior designing is an art that the vast majority of homeowners have to figure out for themselves, so why go straight to more expensive or permanent redecorating options? Add area rugs to your home’s decor and see the change you wanted to come alive. Explore all your options at Rug USA, choosing from big and small, different materials and patterns, and more to find what you need.