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A Few Common Auto Accident Injuries

Driving down the road can be one of the riskiest things you do all day, as safe driving isn’t always enough to keep you from experiencing an auto accident.  It’s wise to prepare yourself mentally for such a situation.

Not all auto accidents result in injuries, and not all auto accidents are severe.  However, it’s good to know what to look for in the way of injuries, so you can get the proper medical treatment say the experts at Bogdan Martinovich.  

Your insurance company needs to know exactly what injuries resulted from your accident to properly cover the financial end of the situation, and some injuries can take days to surface.  Prep yourself by reading through a few of the most common auto accident injuries.  


When two vehicles collide there are a lot of reasons a person could suffer a burn injury.  Hot fluids, steam, fires, and even airbags can cause burns on the occupants of a crashed vehicle.  

Severe burns can lead to skin graft surgery, and treatment can be expensive.  It’s important that you have adequate auto insurance to cover the cost of even the seemingly benign injuries.  

Spinal/back injuries 

When vehicles collide, the impact is a powerful force.  The force of the impact on your body can result in some very serious injuries.  Spinal cord injuries and paralysis can result from a sharp, heavy impact, and you won’t have time to wait for anything less than immediate treatment.  

Traumatic brain injuries

The impact of a car accident can also wreak havoc on the occupant’s head.  People don’t make a habit of wearing helmets when they drive, so head injuries are common in severe accidents.  

Traumatic brain injuries (or TBIs) affect thousands of people every year, and the care patients receive immediately following their accident often makes a huge difference in the quality of their lives in the future.  

Fractures and broken bones

Bending and breaking doesn’t isolate itself to your vehicle in an auto accident.  Your body can break too. Broken legs, ankles, arms, and wrists are extremely common occurrences when two vehicles have collided on the roadways.  

Neck injuries and whiplash

Take the time to have your neck and head observed following a vehicle collision.  Neck injuries and whiplash are two of the most common injuries suffered after experiencing an accident.  These injuries can take a day or two to rear their ugly heads, so it’s important to know the signs and symptoms.  

Knee injuries 

Due to the way passengers and drivers sit in today’s vehicles, knee injuries are a common result after a collision.  Knee fractures, tears in the meniscus, or cartilage damage are likely to happen when the knees are thrust into the dashboard of the vehicle during a collision.