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5 Coaching Tips Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Kyle Sullivan

Kyle Sullivan found himself after meandering through a rocky path. His story is that of squeezing lemonade out of a lemon. He was born and raised in the United States of America. After his parents’ separation, Kyle grew up in the hands of a single father. His mother left while he was still an infant. This man experienced much pain, but he had to learn to live with it. 

Kyle’s Early Life

Kyle attended a junior, then later senior school like most of his peers. As an avid athlete from an early age, sports was his first drug. He loved soccer, and he shined in it! However, Kyle was badly influenced by his peers. 

Kyle admits to having gotten involved in drug abuse and peddling. Yet, that did not stop him from being a pastor, top-rated athlete, mentor, and active family man. 

Here are a few life-changing tips you can pick from Kyle Sullivan:

Spell Out Your Vision 

Never will you dream of something that no one else has. That means that your dream lies within a scope that needs you to unravel. You need to identify your objective and define your mission, too, if you want to achieve your vision. 

This move will save you much time and frustration, wading through various options while you trend on strange ground. Lack of a defined goal can also get you easily distracted into related fields that may not be well suited for you.  

Research Widely

Kyle warns his followers/mentees of investing or venturing into something blindly. He emphasizes research guides that can help you quickly identify the pros and cons. Understanding what to pick and what to leave behind prevents you from committing discouraging blunders. And since you are human, you’ve got to avoid any blow that may rob you of your zeal.

Additionally, research can help you gauge your capacity before making any move. It is essential because every venture has its set of challenges that may not surface unless you dig deep into relevant information. And what can create confidence better than having information? 

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has that one dream they know defines them. But unfortunately, not many get to live it. Dreamers often struggle to fear stepping into uncertainty because it destabilizes an established system and possibly financial setbacks. It’s even more dreadful when you have no one to look up to. Kyle advises that the only way to get out of stagnation is to exit the fantasy world and make a move. He further states that every action generates courage and eventually leads to another.

Get Yourself A Star In Line Of Your Dream

Experience comes with wisdom, and no one understands this better than those that have been there before. If you want to get to your finish line quicker, make sure to identify a star in line with your dream so that you have prints to follow. It would help if you reached out to them for more comprehensive guidance and got rescued from avoidable mistakes.

Kyle Sullivan has been through many things. From dealing with abandonment trauma, being stuck in the worlds of drug addiction, juggling family life with demanding careers, severe financial setbacks, losing in matches, amongst others. However, every cloud has a silver lining. Today, he celebrates his failure because he can now confidently take the wheel of leadership. Why? Because he knows the best routes to take.

Wear The Gown Of Your Aspired Figure

According to Kyle Sullivan, there is power in wearing the gown of your aspired figure even when it doesn’t fit. That little act in itself has a way of setting the pace for your dream. After all, we are visual beings. Sometimes we need to have illustrations put before our eyes for our spirits to come alive.


We can draw one main message here; don’t get too stuck in your mess! Get your healing early. Sharing your story is one such way. Getting yourself acquainted should follow, then strike!

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