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4 Reasons Why a Reliable Car is so Important

When it comes to buying a car, there are bound to be certain features you are looking for. However, perhaps one of the most important things you need to consider is whether the car you want is reliable. Here’s why reliability is top of the list when you are looking at car features.

  1. A reliable car ensures you get to work on time

Nothing is worse than being in a rush to get to work, then finding you car won’t start. If this happens too many times, you might want to sell your Defender or other model and consider investing in a newer car. While some older cars can be reliable, if your current vehicle is breaking down all the time and work are getting sick of you turning up late, it may be time to make an investment in a newer model.

  • An unreliable car can leave you stranded

It’s great having a reliable car, as when you get behind the wheel, you know you can get from A to B with little hassle.

There can be a number of reasons why an unreliable car is dangerous:

  • You can end up being stranded at night or in dangerous conditions
  • If you break down on a road like a motorway, you could be in harm’s way
  • Breaking down with kids or pets in the car is especially worrying
  • You may end up breaking down somewhere unfamiliar

If you’ve ever owned an unreliable car, you will no doubt know how worrying it can be when you have to drive somewhere new, or even go on major roads, knowing that you could suffer a breakdown. While it could be that you are simply mistreating your car, in most cases, unreliable cars don’t get that way simply because of their drivers, they have faults or are beyond repair.

  • It can ruin your plans

Whether you’re heading out for dinner or a long road trip for your holiday, you want to know you can go out in your car and enjoy life. You can make sure you don’t ruin your plans by choosing a reliable vehicle, rather than one you just like because it looks cool or has the right features. This means you don’t have to miss out on fun stuff again.

  • An unreliable car can be costly

It already costs a lot to run a car. From regular servicing, to things like your annual MOT costs, and if your car is always breaking down, that’s even more money going to your local garage. Choose a reliable car and you can cut your maintenance costs.

When you’re shopping for a new car, it’s worth looking at the reliability statistics for the models you like. It’s easy to research reliability online, and it’s often worth paying a little more for a car with a good reliability score, rather than spending a lot of cash and having the inconvenience of an unreliable car. It also means you spend less time fixing your car and more time enjoying it.