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4 Most Common Workplace Mistakes That Lead To Injury

In the workplace, accidents are bound to come up from time to time. Despite numerous regulations and safety measure put in place to ensure workers safety, things can come up, which lead to employees getting hurt.

Whether it’s a result of employees trying to take shortcuts, lack of training employees thoroughly, or failing to comply with safety standards, here are some of the most common mistakes that end up leading to employee injuries.

Lifting Things Improperly

Most people have probably heard of the old advice to “lift with your knees.” When you’re lifting something quite heavy, you need to rely on more than your back to carry the weight. As a result, people tend to disregard this advice when lifting something lighter. They end up lifting something too quickly and injuring their back or knees.

It’s important to know that even lighter objects should be carried properly to avoid carelessly injuring their spine. It’s a good idea to wear a back brace and familiarize yourself with proper lifting techniques if you have a very physical job.

Misuse Of Tools

On some work sites, there are as many as hundreds of different tools for getting the job done. It’s crucial that they are all used correctly. By properly training employees, they will be less likely to use tools for the wrong tasks.

For example, using something as a replacement for a specific task may not just ruin the tool, but it can also seriously injure employees, in some cases, even leading to fatality.

Not Cleaning Work Stations

In the event that debris or materials are left behind, it’s critical that it gets cleaned up afterward. Something spilled on the ground could result in an employee slipping and falling, whereas an obstruction in the path like a box could lead to someone tripping and hitting the ground. By cleaning regularly, you can significantly reduce the chance of employee injuries. 

Not Taking Breaks

In many cases, people are so eager to keep working that they think skipping a break will increase their productivity. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Skipping breaks leads to safety issues like exhaustion, muscle fatigue, and low blood sugar.  

Employee breaks are required for a reason. It’s important to make sure that everyone on your company’s team is well-rested enough to do their job. 

Improper Labeling

In an effort to work quickly, many times, employees quickly label something without putting much thought into it. Whether it’s food, hazmat, or safety instructions, improper and brief labeling can have serious risks. 

Labels should clearly list all critical information so that people aren’t hurt or mishandle the materials. The information should be legible and clearly visible to all employees.