Student Artist Spotlight: Julianna Linder

Photo credited to Elizabeth Allnut

Junior Julianna Linder is one of many art students working on her SMP this semester. Under advisor Professor Carrie Patterson, Linder has made significant progress on her project since last semester. She is excited to share her artwork and impressive story-telling with the St. Mary’s community once her project is complete.

Linder’s project, an ongoing comic book titled “Another One,” is a narrative through visual means. In her story, Linder says, “a curious youth gets lured into a separate sentient world and given anything [that is desired], but their only wish is to escape.” The story was inspired by “Alice in Wonderland,” but Linder has applied many twists and changes to the plot and characters.

As an advisor, Carrie Patterson has been supportive and has provided “good advice and criticism,” according to Linder. Approximately three to five pages are being completed each week for “continuous progress in the story.” Currently, Linder has the entire story up to the epilogue planned out.

Throughout the comic, there is a gradual shift from black and white pages to color pages. Each area in the alternate world has its own color palette. The story begins in black and white, then progresses to full color in the other world. At first, it shifts from pink to purple and then from purple to blue. Beginning her project, she drew the rough story in pencil and pen. To complete the visual images, Linder draws digitally with PaintTool SAI. Even though her main focus with the art major is graphic design, Linder is proficient in classic drawing with pencil and paper. She’s always been drawing characters, but now with this project, she is able to put them into action.

Linder began the project this past fall, in her junior year. She hopes that she will have the option to graduate early. “If I could do [my SMP in] junior year, why shouldn’t I?”

Linder says that although she is making excellent progress on the project so far, it is “stressful to balance between SMP and classes, but the SMP faculty has been extremely helpful.” In addition to working on her SMP, Linder is taking a variety of classes, including Tiny House, Animation, and Asian Literature. With a major in art and minor in art history, Asian Literature is not a typical course to pair with the other classes. However, Linder says the course has helped to expand her writing, which is a critical aspect of the comic.

Her interest in creative writing began years ago, but her love of art commenced long before that. Her interest in art began during the middle of high school, which is also when she decided to be an art major. After graduation from St. Mary’s, Linder hopes to continue art as a profession. She is interested in becoming a storyboard artist, someone who does rough sketch work to identify where characters stand, where the backdrop is placed, and setting up how the story would be told. She is also interested in character design, when she can continue to be a freelance artist through drawing other people’s characters for commission. This is an “enjoyable process,” Linder says. This would allow her to work on her art professionally while “still pursuing comics and other pieces of art.”

Even though Linder’s goal throughout the interview was to keep the story spoiler free, she wants prospective readers to know that there is a “surprising amount of horror despite the cute art style.” If she needed to sum up the story, Linder said that the main character gets “lured into the other world after being shown an image of her dead mother. [The character proceeds to] chase after her, even though the mother was just an illusion. Then, [the character] stumbles into the other world.” All of this occurs in the first ten pages.

If you would like to learn more about Linder’s project or find out when you can see the finished product, please contact Julianna at