Right to Point: Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 (Election Day Special)


UPDATE: As the election results come in, we’d like to offer a review of how The Point News covered the election:

A Recap of Election 2016: “Predicting the Outcome” by Alejandro Arias

Widening the Gap: The Final 2016 Presidential Debate by Alejandro Arias

The 2000 Election, A Liberal’s Dream by Scott Zimmerman

Also, here are TPN‘s Recommendations of ways to watch election coverage:

On cable television: CNN, Bloomberg, MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, CSPAN and more networks are all covering the election. On St. Mary’s cable, those channels are 57.5, 57.8, 57.9, 58.1, and 58.5 respectively. Visit the SMCM Digital Television Channel Lineup to find the channel you enjoy most.

Streaming: Most of the major networks above also streaming on their websites.

Online: 538 and The New York Times both have live graphics on their website. Many other websites have graphics as well, but these are two of the best graphic representations in my opinion.


Days left until election day. Get out and vote! Click here to find your polling place.


Percent chance that Hillary Clinton wins the presidency according to 538’s predictions. Their prediction is usually relatively reserved. The New York Time’s Upshot predicts a 85% chance HRC will win the presidency.


Number of times in-a-row that the winner in Vigo County, Indiana has won the presidential election. Read more on The Economist.


Electoral college votes for Hillary Clinton according to a prediction by Professor Grogan from St. Mary’s political science department. To see more poli-sci professors predictions click here.


States where it is explicitly illegal to take a “Ballot Selfie” according to vox.com. While it is not directly stated as an illegal activity in Maryland, electronic devices are banned in polling places, so bring your film camera if you need to snap a pic in the booth.


Percent of the electorate, the amount of millennials eligible to vote in today’s election. Despite their numbers, they are expected to not turnout to vote. Asma Khalid of NPR wrote earlier this year “…millennials continue to have the lowest voter turnout of any age group. Only about 46 percent voted in the last presidential election; compared to 72 percent of the Silent Generation, who habitually punch above their weight.”

Note: This is a experimental article type. The Point News is attempting to provide more frequent updates on campus events. This is a style of reporting inspired by 538 Significant Figures. We are using their idea with their permission. For updates on world events please check out Walter Hickey’s Significant Figures. If you have any feedback, or ideas for “Right to the Point” please send them to Scott at Managingeditor@thepointnews.com.