Posting Positivity: A Review of Social Media Run by St. Mary’s Students

Photo courtesy of the SMCM Compliments Facebook page.

It is not unusual to see students stop at the tip of St. John’s pond on their way to dinner to take a picture. With a perfect west-facing waterfront setting, the campus boasts tempting photo opportunities during the sunset. This is not, of course, the only photogenic part of campus, but it is a primary subject of a popular, student-run Instagram page called SMCM Aesthetic, which has around 400 followers.

tonight is a good night

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the dove 🚢🐦

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Another of the photogenic sights on campus are the furry friends to be seen walking around. Dogs are the main subjects of another St. Mary’s community Instagram page called dogsofsmcm. The page curates pictures of student and faculty’s pets and comfort animals, as well as some of the many dogs that visit St. Mary’s as a makeshift park and a place to be pet by hordes of college students.

FREYA!!!! #dogsofsmcm

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If Instagram is not your thing, or maybe Facebook is more relevant for you, one of the most popular St. Mary’s student pages is SMCM Compliments. This page gives students the opportunity to spread positivity around the student body by sending an anonymous compliment or affirmation to a friend, classmate, or teammate. Boasting a long list of anonymous posts, SMCM Compliments ranges from Bio professors encouraging their students during finals week, to friends trying to lift each other up, to strangers in class reaching out. Each of these pages displays the positivity of St. Mary’s students and the love they have for their campus.

Last semester, however, in the wake of polarizing events, SMCM Compliments transcended the boundaries of the Internet and had a physical presence on campus. Remaining anonymous, the administrator of the page created small, popsicle-stick flags with posts from the page and lined the brick path near the campus center. Students strolling to class or returning from lunch were pleasantly inundated with their fellow Seahawks’ thoughts of them.

For weeks, the flags remained as a constant reminder of the power of positivity among the student body. The St. Mary’s pages are still maintained today, spreading positivity around the St. Mary’s social media community.