Caroline Hall
Screenshot from Reslife Housing promotional video

It’s everyone’s favorite time in the semester: when all your friends come together—or fall apart—to find a place on campus to live. It seems simple right? You pick a few friends, figure out a place to live, and send in your application. Nope. Don’t forget about your credits, oh, and your friends’ credits, oh, and the number of people you can live with. Not many St. Mary’s students are excited about the prospect of housing selection, so here are some things that seem like a cake-walk compared to this painstaking process.

  1. Being 5 miles from the closest gas station when the light comes on.
  2. Starting your conclusion at 11:50 when the assignment is due by midnight.
  3. Meeting your significant other’s parents.
  4. Your significant other meeting your parents.
  5. Watching the amount of mozzarella sticks slowly diminish while there are still five people in front of you in line.
  6. When the beeping in Catch Phrase gets faster and faster and your teammates are still clueless.
  7. When a cop follows you for about ten minutes before you pull over out of sheer panic.
  8. Walking past the bell tower at 12:59.
  9. The five-minute counter in the corner of the screen when buying concert tickets.
  10. Having to wait seven months for the next episode of The Walking Dead.
  11. And of course, the ever pleasant course selection.