Right to The Point: Wednesday, September 28th, 2016



More inches of rain to be expected according to The Weather Channel in St. Mary’s City over the next 24 hours. The rain has already caused the women’s soccer game to be postponed.


Students were registered to vote yesterday by the St. Mary’s Votes group today. There are 20 days until the voter registration deadline. Find out more information on voting at the USVoteFoundation.org or by asking a representative from SMV. They will be tabling outside the great room from 11-2 and 5-7 everyday through the 30th of September.


As in “title IX”. Michael Dunn appeared before the Student Government Association to talk about the “Reach Out” app. It is available on the App Store and is a resources for students about safety on campus.


Day left to withdraw from half-semester courses.


Score of the Women’s Volleyball game this evening against Marymount. The Seahawks kept the game close, but ultimately lost. See the full box score here.

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