The Wedding Ringer


The Wedding Ringer

“Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is a loveable but socially awkward groom-to-be with a problem: he has no best man. With less than two weeks to go until he marries the girl of his dreams (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), Doug is referred to Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), owner and CEO of Best Man, Inc., a company that provides flattering best men for socially challenged guys in need. What ensues is a hilarious wedding charade as they try to pull off the big con, and an unexpected budding bromance between Doug and his fake best man Jimmy.”

What I Liked

The premise of the film is fun and original, and certainly holds a lot of potential. Kevin Hart and Josh Gad have good chemistry and give an energetic performance. The main characters manage to develop a strong relationship over the course of the movie, and the funniest moments come when Hart and Gad interact with each other. These talented actors clearly took their performances seriously, but I found their efforts wasted on this lukewarm comedy.

What I Didn’t Like

This movie showed some intriguing promise, but unfortunately it was plagued by characterization inconsistencies and stale jokes. The main characters are somewhat one-dimensional, and their motivations are flimsy. Doug is evidently intended to be a social pariah, but the writers had to make him likeable and relatable for the audience at the same time. This leaves the character bland and devoid of any strong personality in the end. The supporting characters have even less depth; nearly all of them are little more than lazy stereotypes. The humor of the film frequently misses its mark, relying too heavily on crude and offensive jokes to force cheap laughs from the viewers. The tone of the film comes off as inconsistent as well, frequently flip-flopping between a rude gross-out comedy and a heartwarming bromance. It seems that the writers couldn’t decide which direction to take the movie in, and this took a toll on my investment into the story. Fans of Kevin Hart would probably enjoy this movie (his performance, although not his best, is solid), as well as viewers seeking some light comedy. But if you are going to watch The Wedding Ringer, don’t have your expectations too high.

Overall it was bad but better than Wedding Crashers