St. Mary's Institution: Visiting the Door on an Off Day with Your Parents


Having turned 21 over spring break, I considered it high time to visit the famed Green Door after almost three years of hearing about it. But after several weeks of making plans with friends and having them fall through because of rehearsals for Slasher (shameless plug) or SMP proposals or actual SMPs, I figured I had to just go on my own. Low and behold, my first opportunity arose this past Saturday while my parents were visiting for the day.

Mama and Papa Levine had also never visited the Door for the obvious reason of not knowing it existed until their daughter had already turned 21, so we decided to make a quick pit stop after a delicious dinner at Asahi (another shameless plug). My dad was driving so my mom agreed to be the one to actually drink with me. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it was before sundown and therefore still Passover so we couldn’t drink anything wheat-based.

For the novelty of it, Mama Levine and I decided to take a shot together. I went for the potato-based/Kosher-for-Passover option of a $2 shot of vodka and she decided to go the whole nine yards and get lime/salt/tequila. Watching my mother lick her hand, pour salt on it, lick it again, bite into lime, and then sip on a shot of tequila about five times because she couldn’t finish the shot in one go was an absolutely beautiful experience. I may or may not have taken a video (I did) and sent out a snapchat (yup).

The Door itself was surprisingly clean and homey. It was not well-attended and the few patrons were Lexington Park natives spread along the bar in small groups. I was definitely able to get a good look around that I would not have been able to experience on a dark, busy night, but coming at an off time (around 7 on a Saturday) made me want to come during its peak hours and experience it as a St. Mary’s student haven.

Taking a shot with your mom: 10/10
Getting said shot paid for by your parents: 10/10
Door on an off-night: 4/10