Lax Girls



What drives a team?  Is it the thrill of victory, of competition?  Is it the accolades, the fun of the game, the finesse of their craft?


St. Mary’s women’s lacrosse team has all of these things.  Its 25-strong dream team is currently 3rd in the CAC, coming off strong from a celebrated victory over Washington College and vengeance for the several one-point losses last year.


But is that what drives our women laxers?  Is that what keeps them coming to practice almost every day, what keeps them improving?


According to a few members of the team, yes and no.  Of course everybody likes to win.  Everybody likes to be good at what they’re doing.  But according to team member Shelby Newman, perhaps what keeps the team together isn’t the thrill of victory, but the bonds between the women themselves.


“I’m on the team because I love the sport,” Newman says, “but I’ve stayed on the team because I love all my teammates.”


Every day except for most Sundays, the twenty-five women meet in the locker room at 2:40 for a few hours of hard, relentless work in order to achieve the fantastic results that they do.  It’s only fitting that such high-intensity activity results in equally intense friendships.


“Coach told us something before our Mary Washington game,” Newman says.  “That our team is unique because we care more about our teammate standing next to us than we do about ourselves. I think that’s what really defines us.  What embodies us as a team, because we aren’t just a team.”


These students represent SMCM at every game, with every pass, every point scored.  Friends, family, and colleagues cheer them on to the victories they deserve and work so hard for.  But it isn’t just a team representing St. Mary’s on the lacrosse field.