Student Investment Group Spotlight


There are many interesting groups and clubs at St. Mary’s, but one that not many people may know about, or might be surprised at, is the Student Investment Group. The SIG manages a whopping $310,000 of the school’s money. It’s technically an endowment in the St. Mary’s Foundation, but is available for the Student Government to use for things such as the Talon Grant.  The Point News spoke with Terrence Thrweatt, the president of the SIG.  He told us, “We have guidelines of things we can invest in: companies must be based in the US & no dirty energy or defense companies. So, our portfolio is consisted of mostly tech and communication companies. Most investments were made before any of our current members were there. At our last meeting we approved increasing our stakes in Apple, Verizon, and AT&T because they are safe long term investments. We are currently looking at green-energy stocks.”

The SIG has many goals for the future.  Thrweatt told us that “As president, I think it’s fair to say that the group would like to increase membership and knowledge about stocks. I’d also like to expand SIG’s reputation. This Wednesday for example, I’ll be representing SIG at a hearing in Annapolis about establishing a stock exchange in Maryland.” Amanda Rees, another member of the SIG told us that “SIG has been one of my favorite things I’ve been involved with at St. Mary’s, reflecting as I am graduating in May! I’ve been interested in investing for a long time, and SIG has given me an outlet for that interest. It is a great place where all the members collaborate on decisions, persuade each other on stock ideas and just have a good laugh. The club has changed a lot since I’ve been in it, but one thing stays the same – we are all passionate about investing. As of now, I am the only female student who comes regularly, so girls, come on out!”

SIG’s accomplishments include successfully managing our portfolio through a recession, increasing the portfolio from $230k to $310k over the past year and a half, and educating members about stocks.  They also help students learn about the investing process, making money, and the importance of business in the US.