Men's Basketball


With the end of the regular season behind them and the Captial Athletic Conference (CAC) regular season title under their belts, St. Mary’s College Men’s basketball has now turned its sights on the upcoming post-season Conference playoffs. The Seahawks, who encountered a difficult start to the year quickly recovered, finishing at the top of the conference with a 20-4 season record.

“The season has been a huge turn-around since the beginning,” said Junior Captain Troy Spurrier. “At the beginning of the year we were still figuring out the team chemistry with all the new players that came in, but it soon came together, and we have been playing some solid basketball as a whole.”

Senior Captain MacGyver Biniak was quick to echo praise for the team’s cohesiveness. “The season has been long and hard, but it’s been nice to see how far we have come,” said Biniak. “Our team has grown so much these last few months. It’s been a battle all season, but winning the regular season title helps to show how hard we have worked.”

Another successful regular season has provided the Seahawks with the confidence necessary to begin their post-season campaign, as well as some notoriety. On the return trip to their hotel following their Februrary 21st win at Southern Virginia University, the team bus became stuck in the snow at the bottom of a hill. In an effort reported by NBC news, the team was able to push the bus back up to the top.

“After the game, we all hopped on the bus and were getting ready to head back to the hotel, and the wheels of the bus started spinning,” said Spurrier. “We all just stopped and looked at each other saying, ‘uh-oh’…It was a big group effort and we were able to push the bus the remainder of the hill to the top where it was flat. It was definitely an experience I won’t forget.”

Biniak also noted the effort and sense of comradery during their trip to SVU: “It’s funny, having to push the bus just shows how tight we are as a team. These guys are my brothers and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Our season’s not over yet, and hopefully we have a lot more games left in this season.”

As the Seahawks open their playoff campaign against Christopher Newport University, the team looks to carry its momentum and collective strength over from the regular season. When reflecting upon their experiences as a team both on and off the field, one thing becomes clear: it will be tough stopping the Seahawks from getting where they want to go.