FUSE Update


FUSE, or Feminists United for Sexual Equality, has been very busy on campus. The club being active is no change, but a decision from club co-president Sarah Lock will lead to the reestablishment of the FUSE literary magazine, renamed The F-Word. The F-Word will be led by junior Simone Levine, and first-year Rebecca Ritter, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor respectively.

The litmag will be a place for members of FUSE and the general public to express their thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics, with a focus on feminist issues. Ritter stated, “The litmag used to be a FUSE staple and there has been a call to bring it back almost every year.” She added, “This year there was a lot of support from other members and execs of FUSE, and I think it just seemed like a good time to undertake a new project.” The litmag will also reach out to other social justice oriented groups such as the Black Student Union (BSU) and The St. Mary’s Triangle and Rainbow Society (STARS), and features poetry, essays, and everything in between. The litmag will call for submissions around spring break, so keep an eye out!

Also new in FUSE, on a heavier note, was the public forum on sexual assault on campus. The forum included President Jordan, the Dean of Students Leonard Brown, and Interim Director of Public Safety Sean Kennedy, among others. The topics of the forum were focused on one major problem on campus: the protection of the student body from sexual assault. FUSE Co-President Sarah Lock was in good form, and made the tone of the meeting very calm and reasonable, especially considering the weight of the topic. Many questions were asked, and many were answered, but the agreement of all the parties present was that more information on the campus’ resources that are available needs to be made clear. Also agreed upon is that there needs to be better communication between all the parties that already exist to handle this issue. During the meeting Lock presented, alongside the SGA, a list of suggested changes to the school’s policy to better serve the purpose of protecting the rights of both the victims and the accused. The list was made up of reasonable requests, and some items on the list seemed so common sense and natural, there was surprise that they were not already part of the school policy.

FUSE has been very busy these past two weeks, not only improving the lives of those on campus emotionally through the litmag, but physically and emotionally by ensuring the most important issues stay at the forefront. Email or otherwise contact an SGA representative to get more information on the list of suggestions and to voice opinions.