Boyden Gallery In-Progress SMP Exhibitions


This past Dec. 8 marked the opening of the annual Art SMP In-Progress Exhibition. The exhibition, which took place from 4:45-5:45 in the Boyden Gallery, also featured two presentations in the Art Annex. Studio Art students were able to showcase the pieces that they are currently assembling as part of their St. Mary’s Project (SMP), many of which are due as final projects in the spring.

“My artwork for the Boyden Gallery show last semester was a body of work I produced depicting images of myself,” said senior Amber Fryza. “The project itself was an act of self discovery in that the images I chose represented the person I was seen as before gaining my independence upon entering college compared to the way I was seen by others once I lost that aspect of myself.”

Fryza’s works encapsulated not only a semester’s worth of commitment to presenting a polished product, but the culmination of self-knowledge resulting from the process. Said Fryza, “The experience of the SMP leading up to the gallery was admittedly very stressful, but also very helpful in allowing me to not only discover more about who I’ve grown to be as a person after creating this project, but who I am as an artist as well. I experimented with mediums I never had experience with before and learned a lot in the process.”

Despite the stress of deadlines, Fryza and other seniors in the Studio Art Department enjoyed a successful exhibition that reflected their growth both as St. Mary’s students and as artists. For students who are not art majors, but are interested in exhibiting their own work, the Boyden Gallery has issued a call for submissions to the 46th annual All-Student Art Exhibition. Like the participants in the Art SMP Exhibition, all interested students may now enjoy the opportunity to showcase their own works, in addition to their growth as artists.