New-in-Brief SMCM Crab Feast 2014


September 27th marked the 5th annual St. Mary’s College of Maryland Crab Feast, a yearly fundraiser for the senior class that has become a popular Parent’s Weekend tradition. In past years held at the president’s house, this year’s crab fest returned the annex of the Crescent townhouses, behind the field and next to Schaefer Hall.

With three tents erected for the event, the blue registration and two large, white eating areas, the feast commenced at 5 o’clock and preceded until about 7:30 in the evening. The event was overseen by the  Student Activities office and several student volunteers. Tickets sold prior to the event had sold out, and attendance proved very good on the warm, seasonable afternoon. “We’ve done really well so far.” said Kelly Shroeder, the Assistant Dean of Students at about 6:00 pm. “Almost everyone who bought tickets has shown up, and extra people have shown up and we’ve had extra crabs to sell them, so it’s been great.”

Of the people that attended, the vast majority were families and many were the families of first years attending the feast for the first time. First year Katie Huerta attended the crab feast with her mother. When asked if they were enjoying and if there was enough to go around, they agreed on both counts.

“It just seems like a good family outing.” Said first year Mary Beth Anderson, there with her family. And indeed, many of the other family there for parents weekend seemed to agree.

Crab feast is fast becoming a popular annual tradition at the college, and the proceeds of the feast go to funding the senior class.