Welcome from the Student Trustee


    Greetings St. Mary’s community!

    My name is Taylor Schafer and I am proud and honored to be your student trustee for the 2014-2015 school year! As a senior and very involved member of the community, I will serve as the voice and a liaison between the student body and the Board of Trustees. I want to thank last year’s student trustee, Michael Killius ’14, for guiding and preparing me for this year. I am also pleased to introduce student trustee-in-training Eric Schroeder ’16, who will join me in the spring when he returns from Dublin to prepare for his role as my successor.

    The Board of Trustees serves as the governing body for the College, making major big picture decisions regarding things like student tuition, campus construction, and external and government relations. I encourage you all to attend our quarterly meetings, the first of which will be held on Saturday, September 20, at 8:30a.m. in the Glendening Annex. All are welcome.

    For those of you who don’t know, this year’s Orientation theme was “A Voyage to a New Beginning.” Of course, the theme is referring to St. Mary’s starting its year with some new faces—a new president, a new dean of students, a new public safety director, etc. And of course, our newest Seahawks, the cohort of 2014, who joined us just last week. I welcome you all to campus and look forward to working with you all this year to move St. Mary’s forward in a positive direction. I encourage you all to carry the theme of new beginnings with you throughout the entire year in order to strengthen our community. The best way to do that is to be open-minded to change and the views of others, to lend a helping hand whenever you can, to pay attention to the language you use, to try something new, and to engage in meaningful dialogue with others. In short, embrace the St. Mary’s Way.

    So I challenge you all: next time you overhear an offensive comment or rude slur used, say something. Next time an interesting and exciting opportunity arises, take it. Next time you see someone lost or hurting or alone, guide them. May we remember all the times we’ve been helped, guided, and saved in our lives, and pay it forward.

    As a student trustee, I plan on spearheading several projects and events that will embrace the challenges listed above—to engage students in positive dialogue and awareness within our community and beyond. I will be communicating in several ways to the campus to give information about those projects throughout the year. For now, I encourage you all to reach out to me if you have questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. I am always willing to chat and I look forward to creating an unforgettable new beginning with you all!



    Taylor Schafer ‘15

    Student Trustee


    • Open Hours: Monday 11am-1pm @ The Daily Grind
    • Twitter: @TaylorSMCM
    • Email: tmschafer@smcm.edu
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